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Monday, September 5, 2022

Tips for Practicing Positive Alacrity

 Tips for Practicing Positive Alacrity 

Love the idea of adding positive alacrity into your life, but need some ideas? Here are some tips to get you started. 

 Celebrate someone you love by declaring a random day “their day.” Let them choose whatever they’d like to do and spend the day enjoying each other. 

 Announce a screen-free day. That day, instead of being distracted by checking email or playing a game on your phone, focus on one another by spending the day talking and laughing together sans checking your phone. 

 Check in with friends who have lost their parents on Mother’s or Father’s Day. If possible, ask them to join you in your celebration, so they aren’t sitting at home thinking of what they’ve lost. 

 When you head out to get your groceries, ask a friend who’s been busy, sick, or stressed if there’s anything you can pick up for them. Even if they have everything they need, the offer will let them know they are loved. 

 During bad weather, contact elderly friends and neighbors to see if they need anything. They may not reach out for help but need staples or just company. 

 Send a card to a friend or relative who you’ve been thinking of. Inside, relate your favorite memory of the two of you together. 

 Give a compliment. We often think a loved one looks nice, made a smart decision, or has improved their life in some way. But how often do we mention it? 

 Tell someone about a complimentary comment you overheard someone else say about them. 

  When a loved one shares a goal or dream of theirs, encourage them to go for it. Tell them how amazing you think they’d be at that new career. Tell them you know they’ll be able to run that marathon. Too often we let our fear of failure diminish what we or someone else wants to do. 

 Learn the name of the “little people” in your office. Cleaners, parking attendants, and mailroom clerks often go unnoticed. But where would we be without them? When you see them, say hello and call them by name. This will not only make them feel appreciated but will improve the emotional culture in your office as they pass on the acknowledgment they received. 

 Give a loved one or a staff member the benefit of the doubt. 

 Do something special for a friend or relative who has dealt with a loss…a few months later. We gather around immediately after a death or divorce decree. Then, people often feel like their loss doesn't matter to anyone. Take them for coffee and find out how they are doing. 

The most crucial factor in living a fulfilling life is by sharing it with those we love. By practicing positive alacrity in our daily lives, we can enhance our fulfillment factor in a way that is easy and enjoyable

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