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Friday, September 2, 2022

How Positive Alacrity Cultivates Fulfillment

 How Positive Alacrity Cultivates Fulfillment 

Going back to the list of why relationships fail, we see all of them can be cured with positive alacrity. 

1. It lets the other person know they’re not only meeting but surpassing your expectations. 

2.  It communicates you care about the other person. 

3. It tells the one you love that you are making a conscious effort to better the relationship.

4. It lets the other person know you’re thinking about them. 

A relationship on a firm footing will always be more fulfilling than one that is troubled. This kind of strength is built through constant positive interactions considered meaningful to both partners in the relationship. 

You may be wondering if consciously making positive alacrity part of your life isn’t forcing artificial energy into it. Maybe you feel that having to think about being loving to someone isn’t being authentic.

 The funny thing about being positive is it's never false. When you stop to look for the good in the situation, you're always guaranteed to find it, even though it may be challenging. The very act of looking ‘on the bright side tends to enhance our dispositions and lead us to feel more positive ourselves. It's like laughing or smiling. If you try to do either without feeling it, in a short time, you'll find you're able to laugh or smile without any effort at all. That smile or soft chuckle has become genuine, just by the action of creating it.

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