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Friday, September 9, 2022

Success cycle

 Exercise You Enjoy


Did you notice I didn’t just say “exercise”? 

 Daily exercise is something we all know is good for us, but sometimes we struggle to get enough. For some people, starting a daily routine of exercise is a battle of wills with yourself. 

 One way to potentially get around that roadblock is to find some sort of exercise you enjoy. 

 This could be as simple as the walk mentioned above. For example, you could start to push yourself on distance or speed. 

 If walking doesn’t excite you (and fair enough) then maybe there is a sport you are into. I have friends who make sure they shoot some hoops each and every day. 

 The benefit of choosing a sport you enjoy is that you will also get better as your practice every day.

 If sports aren’t your thing, maybe you enjoy dancing. If you do, then embrace it! 

 The goal here is to find something you like so much, that it doesn’t feel like exercise or a chore. Once you find that, commit to doing it every day, or at least multiple times per week. 

 Once you are committed it won’t take long for the physical and mental benefits to start appearing.

 Kindness Matters 

This might seem like an odd title, but this routine is all about “giving back”. 

 An absolutely excellent routine to start in your life is doing a good deed for someone each day. It doesn’t have to be a huge deal. Just make sure you do something nice for someone you know (or don’t) each and every day. 

 Besides this just being a nice thing to do – there are actual benefits to it. Don’t expect these benefits, and don’t do nice things just so you can reap rewards, but let’s be honest – you are probably thinking, “how does this help me?” 

 Well, these good deeds will pay off in a few different ways:

  You will simply feel better because you made someone happy 

 You will foster and strengthen the relationships in your life 

 You might help the right person, who will end up helping you more than you can imagine in the future 

 It’s a good networking tool 

 There is actually no real downside to doing something nice each day. Even if you don’t reap any of the above benefits, you will still have done something nice for someone.

Thursday, September 8, 2022

“Life Changing” Routines 2

 Setting To-do’s 

A powerful routine that I do each morning before work is to set some goals for the day. I used a to-do list app, but you can do this with pen and paper if you want. 

 Take some time in the morning (or the night before if you want) to write down the things you want to accomplish that day. 

 This helps you plot your day so you are never at a loss for what you need to do next. Also, having your daily goals written down in front of you makes sure you don’t forget something important you needed to do that day. 

 Don’t overwhelm yourself, but make sure you focus on a few areas of your life. 

Work tasks are obviously important. They will probably be the first thing you write down. But don’t forget about family tasks or personal/spiritual goals. 

 If you can get into this routine each morning, you will notice that: 

 You use your time more effectively 

 You aren’t wasting time worrying about what to do next 

 You won’t forget important tasks 

 , And as funny as it sounds, you will feel the thrill of accomplishment as you tick off each task 

This isn’t something that takes a lot of time or effort, but the cumulative effects of it can really pay off down the road. 

 Take a Stroll 

I think it is important to make physical activity a part of your daily routine. In this case, we aren’t talking about exercise though (more on that below). 

 This time we are simply talking about taking a stroll outside. Walking is a great way to accomplish a number of things: 

 It breaks up the monotony of your day 

 There are health benefits of not sitting around all-day 

 It is a great time to reflect and think 

 It can be socially stimulating if you run into people 

 It helps you connect with nature 

 It can help reinvigorate you 

 One little walk and you get all of those great benefits! 

 When you commit to this as a daily routine, you will begin to notice that it becomes one of your favorite parts of the day. 

 It’s just nice to get outside and take in some fresh air and sunlight. Quite often, people who commit to this end up going on longer and longer walks. 

 What was once a quick stroll, can actually become a form of actual exercise! 

 This leads me to the next routine…

“Life Changing” Routines

 “Life Changing” Routines 

Morning Meditation 

If you are anything like me, you might find the idea of meditation a little bit corny. 

Hey, that is fine! 

 In fact, there are legitimate concerns you may be having... 

  Youtube is flooded with cheesy meditations that are basically ads for subpar products.
 There is a certain aesthetic that is stereotypically aligned with meditation.

 There are spiritual angles that just might not work for you. 

 Etc… 

Don’t overthink it though. Meditation is simply a tool that anyone can use. You don’t even have to think of it as meditation if you have some sort of hang-up. You don’t even need any elaborate set up. 

 Every morning when you wake up, just stay where you are laying and try to clear your mind. Do some deep, controlled breathing. Simply stay there in the moment. 

If you feel up to it, visualize your ideal day. Think about what you are going to do that day, what you will accomplish, and how it will make you feel. That’s it. 

 Commit to doing this every day. As you get used to it, you may want to expand the practice a bit and get more formal about it, but don’t worry about that yet. Just start like I detailed above and it won’t be long until you notice a little bit less stress or a little more motivation. You might even come up with that next great idea. 

 Morning Success Prep 

Another part of a solid morning routine is getting ready. No matter what you are doing that day, get ready to be successful. 

 This means you tackle three main areas:

 1. Hygiene – you brush your teeth, you shower, you wash what needs washing. 

 2. Dress – you get dressed in clothes you wouldn’t be embarrassed being spotted in. 

 3. Fuel – you drink a huge glass of water, and you eat something healthy* 

You do this every morning, no matter what (health issues aside). 

 If you are in between jobs, you still do it. If you have a day off, you still do it. If it’s the weekend, you still do it. 

 You need to be ready to face the world and jump at any opportunity that arises. 

 If you are clean, look good, and have the energy from a healthy meal, you can’t help to feel better about yourself. Doing this daily will mean you feel better about yourself each and every day. 

 Being ready to take on the world each morning, and actually feeling like you can, certainly can’t hurt your progress towards your goals!

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Success cycle

 The Power of Routine 

When people think of routine, they are often thinking about “being stuck in one”. 

 Since the term routine implies doing the same actions over and over again, it makes sense that people might view it negatively. People want excitement and spontaneity not the “same old, same old”. 

The routine doesn’t have to be boring though. Routine can actually be powerful. 

 Harnessed in the right way a solid routine can propel you toward your goals. It might not be hair-raising excitement, but striving towards and reaching goals is far from boring. 

 The best part about routines is they don’t have to be massive changes in your life. 

Since a routine is simply a set of actions done repeatedly, it is more important to be consistent than it is to be monumental. It is the cumulative effects of routine that matter most – not the single action taken. 

 This is important because sometimes we can be intimidated by wholesale changes. Some people never really take a stab at meaningful success because the idea of change is too overwhelming. 

 By creating simple small routines, you circumvent that fear. You are starting small, just tweaking your day a bit, and all of a sudden you will notice your life is starting to take shape. 

 It doesn’t happen in a few days or a few weeks – but if you stay committed it DOES happen. 

 In this report, we are going to look at ten separate routines that seem so simple and easy that anyone could start doing them today. 

 You might even wonder if they are important enough to even help you. But like most routines, they will be deceivingly helpful in your life. 

 They might not make you a millionaire, they might not make you famous, but they will certainly help lay the groundwork for the future, more successful version of yourself!

Monday, September 5, 2022

Tips for Practicing Positive Alacrity

 Tips for Practicing Positive Alacrity 

Love the idea of adding positive alacrity into your life, but need some ideas? Here are some tips to get you started. 

 Celebrate someone you love by declaring a random day “their day.” Let them choose whatever they’d like to do and spend the day enjoying each other. 

 Announce a screen-free day. That day, instead of being distracted by checking email or playing a game on your phone, focus on one another by spending the day talking and laughing together sans checking your phone. 

 Check in with friends who have lost their parents on Mother’s or Father’s Day. If possible, ask them to join you in your celebration, so they aren’t sitting at home thinking of what they’ve lost. 

 When you head out to get your groceries, ask a friend who’s been busy, sick, or stressed if there’s anything you can pick up for them. Even if they have everything they need, the offer will let them know they are loved. 

 During bad weather, contact elderly friends and neighbors to see if they need anything. They may not reach out for help but need staples or just company. 

 Send a card to a friend or relative who you’ve been thinking of. Inside, relate your favorite memory of the two of you together. 

 Give a compliment. We often think a loved one looks nice, made a smart decision, or has improved their life in some way. But how often do we mention it? 

 Tell someone about a complimentary comment you overheard someone else say about them. 

  When a loved one shares a goal or dream of theirs, encourage them to go for it. Tell them how amazing you think they’d be at that new career. Tell them you know they’ll be able to run that marathon. Too often we let our fear of failure diminish what we or someone else wants to do. 

 Learn the name of the “little people” in your office. Cleaners, parking attendants, and mailroom clerks often go unnoticed. But where would we be without them? When you see them, say hello and call them by name. This will not only make them feel appreciated but will improve the emotional culture in your office as they pass on the acknowledgment they received. 

 Give a loved one or a staff member the benefit of the doubt. 

 Do something special for a friend or relative who has dealt with a loss…a few months later. We gather around immediately after a death or divorce decree. Then, people often feel like their loss doesn't matter to anyone. Take them for coffee and find out how they are doing. 

The most crucial factor in living a fulfilling life is by sharing it with those we love. By practicing positive alacrity in our daily lives, we can enhance our fulfillment factor in a way that is easy and enjoyable