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Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Reciever & Giver..

Welcome to the "RDD" Channel, this is your host /blogger Lex and the team! I'm here today to talk about giving and receiving from a relationship standpoint, life, business, in all that you can ever have that can be applied to your life whenever, however and wherever you apply it. Firstly we need to understand that in order to be a receiver you're already a giver in some way and in order to be a giver you are already the receiver and every sense of the way as well. Many might be confused by this notion being the actual reality, although if you look at the founding evidence behind that you'll understand that it is very much true rather if we choose to accept it or not.

When we give to another person or rather to that person's we are also giving to ourselves simultaneously. I know that it may sound a little frustrating in hearing this, at least that is what I thought in the beginning of when I first found these principles to be real. Continuously I ask myself, "how could I be a giver and be the receiver when I feel like I'm not  getting anything in return"?

Here's a clearer picture.. When we give to someone, all to well we know the feeling that surrounds our hearts and our minds as we are getting that gifting from within ourselves. In those moments it makes every feeling known that we are in just the openness of giving them something that will make not only them happy or excited, but it also gives us overwhelming happiness in our spirits for an even higher return. Therefore we are also receiving more abundantly, as we continue to give from the heart.

 Rather the question is vise versa, the whole thing remains that if you are giving you have received, if any of you have received you have given, it is the same in kindness of acts when it comes from the heart. That's what matters but if you are doing it from solely from a place or state of wanting to have something more in return material wise and is not working.. Then the solutions will not be found very easily from this view point.


  1. Just like my life to the T!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this! And if you're giving with the EXPECTATION of receiving......it's a business you're doig, and NOT a healthy relationship. It should all flow naturally....if not, time to go. :)

  3. Beautiful post. I find that when I give, I am the one getting the bigger reward. Even when someone is not being as giving, it wont stop me from continuing to give. I feel like part of the mystery behind a happy life is giving. The more you give from the heart, the more you feel fulfilled in life.

    1. Amen, So shall we do unto others, so shall it be done onto us, Stay blessed!