Thursday, June 16, 2016

Who's Been Making Me Sick..!?

In this segment we're going to cover the basics of benefits and the illnesses of relationships.

Some relationships contain great benefits, accountability and positivity into our lives of a nurturing factors, and other relationships build upon depression, illnesses and misconstrued health problems that arise as a result of it, bringing a lot of stress upon us from the relationships which we hold within it.

A relationship is the first encounter we have in being birthed into this world and it is also the things that we yearn for during the life process that we live and hold onto for more clarity within ourselves and from others. It is the comparisons of many variables of all connectivities and between what we strive for in our daily life's.

Some relationships that we hold are between objects, our food or personal encounters of our thoughts and with people in general. Other relationships that we hold such as with food can be one of a positive level into our bodies or a negative one depending on what we eat that nay cause harm. Same as a result of what comes down to the relationships between humans, spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, the way we dress, associate, beliefs or our pet animal's.

It seems that no matter what we do in life we are either leaving a relationship or coming into more of relationships, always searching for a deeper companionship with another or someone of a different level.
What relationships we search for in this life flows in the pathways to what we are looking to discover. As long as we can find the meaning of where we stand in time to restore more of who are and be able to convey that message outside of ourselves for the relationships that we hold to another.

This segment is also brought up by a question from support, on how can a person get rid of a toxic relationship and still clean enough energy to where they can go ahead and bring a positive one within themselves and to other relationships from the past confusion of the one that stands behind someone at that point in time?

There is no simple answer but to say the least, we can take back into ourselves what has been brought to us from any negative form of a toxic relationship and  live amidst the positivity and contrast which came for it.
We can also apply them to our future relationships to give ourselves more of a benefit and to another with contrast in the past relationships. Understanding what we have learned from it and what to accept or allow into   clarity perspectives from our inner being.

Learning from the past of different relationships and being able to harness what has been done to us into a positive stand point may seem difficult at times. Although it is more beneficial to not try to push against those things that has brought us negative energies or harm in some way. Accepting the goodness that has came from it and the understanding from the journey of where we once were to where we are now, remembering to always trust our inner guidance system.

When we know what we don't want we also in return understand more of what we do want into our existence and experiences. So we can take the newer insights into any relationship Rather from our family, friends or even our pets, is that we have the contrast in being able to switch more to the things that we desire and be able to clear the path away from any of the negativity we have experienced previously in this life.

This has been a wonderful segment full of a refreshing talk, thank you for tuning in!
"Lex' RDDC!

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