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Want Some #NEW YEAR Money.. From 2018's Inspirations?


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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

#How To Make Money Legit Online Now! "Top 11 Ways!"


8. Host a Guest in Your Spare Room

Have an extra room to spare in your home?
You could earn a seriously generous income by signing up as a host for Airbnb.
Whether you make your space available year-round or just list it for a few weekends throughout the year, you will have complete control over your home and 24/7 support from Airbnb.
With over 150 million users booking stays for family vacations, holidays, sporting events, and more, you could be making extra money in no time!

9. Earn Cash for Playing with Dogs

If you love dogs as much as we do, then this might just be the perfect side hustle.

Rover, the largest network of dog walkers, will pay you to walk dogs in your spare time! It's sort of like Uber for dog walkers, and you can choose to work as much or as little as you want. If walking isn't your thing, you can even sign up to be a dog-sitter and host dogs in your home.

Getting signed up us super easy. Just click on the link below to create your profile. After you are set up, you can start getting paid in as little as 48 hours after each walk.

10. Cancel Subscriptions You Forgot You Had

This next company has already helped others save over $8,000,000 on their bills without much time and effort.
With the help of Trim, you can flush out those recurring subscriptions and cancel the ones you no longer want.
It’s like carrying a personal financial planner in your pocket!
Open an account today and see how much you could be missing out on.

11. Pay Down Debt Without Doing Anything

Now this may not seem like a way to earn extra money, but just hear me out.
If you have extra debt to pay down, or need help saving a little extra dough for something special, Digit is exactly what you need.
The app works by automatically moving money from your checking account to savings, and it always makes sure you still have enough in checking to cover day to day costs. It works so well that they've already helped their members save over $1 billion.

12. Try Your Luck at Winning $5,000

Who doesn't love winning money?

SweepstakesAlerts is giving away $5,000 Cash! Enter now for your chance to win this cash prize.

Entry is quick and easy. Remember to check your email for the confirmation.

13. Give Your Bank Account a Boost

If you have money sitting in a regular checking account you are giving away money! A high interest checking account can pay you much more money, without you having to lift a finger. Check out some of our favorite high interest checking accounts below and start earning today.

14. Enter to Win $10,000

Would $10,000 cash help pay some bills?
PrizeGrab is an online sweepstakes website whose mission it is to make sweepstakes simple, easy and fun to enter.
PrizeGrab has awarded more than $1,000,000 in prizes to thousands of winners over the last several years! PrizeGrab's huge $10,000 cash sweepstakes ends soon — just imagine what you could do with that amount of money.

15. Earn Passive Income by Investing in Real Estate

Imagine getting a check in the mail every few months for just holding a little bit of money in an account. Sounds amazing, right?
With Fundrise, an investment of as little as $500 can start earning you passive income through quarterly distributions. You'll get to invest in some of the hottest real estate deals without the headaches that come with being a landlord.
It takes less than 1 minute to create an account with your email and password, and you don't have to invest a dime until you know it's right for you. Be sure to confirm your account by clicking the link in the email they send you.
The investments do come with risk. Fundrise has paid distributions every quarter since at least Q2 2016, but your payment is never guaranteed.
For the service, you’ll pay a 0.85% annual asset management fee and a 0.15% annual investment advisory fee.

16. Get $5 to Kick Start Your Savings

Could you use a little extra money in the bank?

Acorns is on a mission to help make saving as simple as possible – so much so that they're giving you a $5 bonus to get started.

It only takes a minute to setup your account, and after that Acorns will help automate saving money so you don't have to worry about an empty account anymore.

Your future self will thank you!

17. Get Cash for Your Unused Diabetic Strips

Millions of Americans suffer from diabetes, which can be painful and expensive. But now there is a new way to make a little extra money if you or someone you know suffers from the disease.
Cash For Diabetics is a new company that will pay you up to $30 for your unused diabetic test strips. It's as simple as placing your unopened packages in their free mailing kit, and they mail you a check in 2-8 business days.
Getting signed up is free and only takes a minute. Stop throwing your unused test strips out and start making some money!

18. Surf the Web and Take Fun Surveys

With over 6.5 billion web searches happening every day, wouldn’t it be nice to earn a little dough just by searching the internet?
That’s exactly what Swagbucks pays you to do.
In fact, you can earn a $5 signup bonus to get started! 
Once you earn 2,500 reward points within the first 60 days, your bonus will be available the next day.
Along with searching the internet, you can also earn money with Swagbucks by completing quick surveys, playing games, and watching videos as well.

Bonus offer #1: Get Money Refunded Back to You When Prices Drop

Nothing is worse than buying something and seeing it on sale the following week.
Thankfully, there are a few incredible apps out there making sure you never overpay ever again.
If an online store owes you a refund, Paribus could be just what you need to make sure you get it.
The app works wonders by watching for price drops at stores with price adjustment policies. If a price drops within the price adjustment period, you can effortlessly get the difference refunded back to you!
For more info on this info, please Go to--> is not Endorsed nor sponsored with us, the information provided is only for sharing purposes from RDDC. We Do Not Claim any rights to their material provided but we Do support the Hustle & Flow! : )

Friday, December 14, 2018


1. Start the day with cheers and smiles.
Your whole day depends on how you greet the morning. Therefore, as long as you welcome it with energy and high spirits, everything will go okay. You don’t want the rest of the day to get ruined, do you? Come on, smile! It doesn’t cost anything but is worth everything.

2. Ask for guidance.

Only God knows what we will be having on the day ahead of us. He will surely appreciate a few minutes of praying and asking for guidance from Him. Also, have faith on Him that He is more than willing to grant our requests as long as it is for our own good. With God as our guide, we don’t have any reason not to say and believe in the thought that I can do this. I can make it through this day. Nothing is impossible. After all, God is with me.

3. Plan the day ahead.
To avoid mistakes that will cause negative output on your daily activities that will later on become negative thoughts, it is better to plan your work first; after which, work your plan. Make sure today's goals are clearly defined and absorbed by your mind. This can be done even before you get out of bed each day, just so immediate addressing issues as they arise can be avoided.

4. Keep your mind focused on important things.

Set goals and priorities for what you think and do. Visualize practicing your actions. Develop a strategy for dealing with problems. Concentrate on things that need to be taken seriously, but at the same time, take time to relax and enjoy. This way, favorable results may take place.

5. Be detached from the outcome.

They say that life is like a Ferris Wheel; sometimes, you’re on the top, and sometimes at the bottom. This means that there will be times in our lives where some things would not turn out according to what we want them to be. Don't be annoyed if you don't get what you desire. However, do your best in everything you do. Only, don’t get too attached on the probable results that may only cause disappointments and upsets.

6. Try new things and challenges.
See learning and changes as opportunities. There’s nothing wrong in changing attitudes and routines as long as they are for the good and improvement of who you are and what you do. Doing new things may include considering more options for a project, meeting new people from different places, asking lots of questions. Through this, the flow of thinking is directed to improvement and negative thoughts will be easily eradicated.

7. Balance your desires.

We live in a place of opposites and duality – gain and loss, pleasure and pain, light and dark, male and female, love and hate. This is how the cycle of life goes. We can never have all the good things in life at the same time. In love, there will always be someone who gets hurt. In wealth, there will always be people who will not be fortunate enough. Measure and moderation is the primary key.

8. Be realistic.
Make sure that what you want is something possible. Hoping for something to happen which would never really materialize in real life will only bring you disappointment. For instance, you wish to lose weight. Therefore, you have to set a goal and act on appropriate measures within a period of time to achieve what you wish. Hey, No one can get slimmer overnight.

9. Keep track of your mental and physical health.

This way, you will know how far you can keep believing.
Know yourself. There is no other person in the world who can tell who you really are. Know your passions, favorites, and principles. Spend some quality time by yourself – reading, listening to music, day dreaming, and the likes. If you know yourself completely, you will be aware of how far can you go physically, mentally, and emotionally.

10. Love yourself.

Before you expect for other people to love and adore you, it is always you who needs to love yourself first. Make a positive commitment to yourself, to learning, work, family, friends, nature, and other worthwhile causes. Praise yourself as much as you praise others once in a while. When you start feeling confident about yourself, positive thoughts will naturally flow to your mind.

11. Laugh.
Enjoy. Have fun. Looking at the brighter side of life starts with entertainment and pleasure. Laughter is the best medicine, so they say. Whether your illness is physical or emotional, a few laughs and giggles can help you throw away heavy baggage such as anxiety, disappointment, or nervousness.

12. Keep a list of your goals and actions.
Familiarize yourself with things you want to accomplish and with the ways you must undertake to complete them. By the time you are certain of what you want to do and carry out in your life, a stronger mind and will power will exist within you.

13. Associate with positive people.
In every classroom, work place, or simply anywhere you go where there are groups of people, look for optimistic ones. There are lots of them, I’m sure. Associate with them, hang-out, discuss matters. They can help you build self-confidence and self-esteem.

14. Make it a habit to ask questions.
This is not equal to dumbness and ignorance; rather, it is associated with seeking more information and understanding matters clearly. With more knowledge, there is also more power.

15. Be open.
We have to accept the fact that we don’t know everything. And that we are continuously learning in every place we go, with every people we meet as everyday passes. We should not close our minds to new ideas and information that comes our way. Our mind is so spacious that it is impossible to fill it up completely. Thus, we should accept worthy things that may help us become better and brighter persons.

16. Have trust in other people.
Although it may seem difficult and risky to give trust to just any people, when you believe in them or confident on what they are doing for you, doubts and negative judgments on them will be unnecessary. Also, it will bring harmonious relationships between you and your colleagues.

17. Forgive and forget.
Mistakes and failures are the root causes of negative thinking. If we somehow learn to let go of all the pain, agony, and fear we try to keep inside our hearts and minds, then there will be nothing more to block our clear thoughts from being expressed. Forgive yourself for committing mistakes and forget these mistakes.

18. Learn from experiences.
Learning inside the classroom is different from learning outside it. In school, one learns the lesson first before taking an exam; while in real life, one takes the test first before learning the lesson. This test in the real life is our experiences. If we failed in that test, i.e. the experience is not so good, we study the situation and learn the lesson. From here, we can avoid committing the same mistake twice.

19. Count your blessings.
Focus on what you have rather than what you don’t have. Absence of our desires will only bring discontentment and disappointment that will only waste our time. Instead, be thankful and appreciative with all the blessings we receive.

20. Kiss your worries goodbye.
At the end of everyday, before going to sleep, there is no need to keep bad experiences and unhappy moments that had happened in the day within you. Let them go, throw them out of the window and kiss them goodbye. Dream sweetly. As a new day unfolds, new hope arises. Keep believing. Always have faith.


Thursday, December 6, 2018

Top #8 Ways To Make Money Fast.. (On & Offline)!!

1. Get Paid to Deliver Food to People

Uber Eats is a great program where you earn money for food delivery.
You get to set your own schedule (hello, flexibility!) and earn money by picking up food from local restaurants and delivering it to people in your area.
Depending on where you're located, you may be able to deliver food by car, bike, or scooter.
Easy, fun, and you can even get paid instantly if you join Uber's Instant Pay program! Learn how you can cash out with Instant Pay up to five times per day when you register your debit card.

2. Earn Cash in Your Spare Time Taking Surveys

A favorite go-to for a little extra cash, Survey Junkie pays you instantly via Paypal to fill out surveys and surf the web. We love that it’s super easy to use, completely risk-free, and did I mention the pay is instantaneous?
6 million members and an A+ rating with the BBB can’t be wrong – join the crowd and get started earning money!

3. Get Paid to Take Surveys, Watch TV, & Play Games

Signing up for InboxDollars is a no-brainer and could be a way to make money on the side and have fun while doing so!
The way it works is: companies sponsor the content and are willing to pay to get people to watch and play. Take surveys, answer polls, search the web, and a lot more.
PLUS, get rewarded just for watching videos! They have a ton of shows that can be watched online, including cooking shows, news, entertainment, health, etc., and you can tune in whenever it’s convenient for you.
BONUS: Get a free $5 signup bonus when you register and click on the activation email sent to your Inbox!

4. Get Paid to Drive Your Car Around

Need extra cash? Start driving with Lyft and earn a $300 bonus after your first 100 rides. Terms apply.
If you enjoy meeting new people and creating your own schedule, signing up to drive with Lyft can be a great way to make extra money.
It's worth a try to see if you like it – some drivers have had so much success that it's become their main income source!
To be eligible, you must be at least 21 years old, have a car to drive, have three years of driving experience, an in-state driver’s license, a clean driving record, and be able to pass a criminal background check.

5. Need cash for the holidays?

If you're looking for a chunk of change to help pay for gifts this season, a personal loan could be a good option.

Our partner Personal Loan Pro will match you with loan providers to fit your specific needs. In only 2 minutes, you could get matched for a loan up to $35,000 and rates as low as 4.99%*.

Why not see if you qualify? It will NOT affect your credit score.

6. Make Extra Money on Your Schedule

If you’re trying to make some extra cash, driving with Uber may be a really good use of your time. You will have the flexibility to drive on your own schedule, which means you can earn money fast!
You can even sign up to drive with both Uber and Lyft to keep yourself busy and compare fares.

7. Win up to $10,000 with Virtual Scratch Off Tickets

Don't you love the thrill of scratching off lottery tickets to see if you've won some major bucks?
Lucktastic will give you that feeling every day - for free! Try your luck at winning $1 up to $10,000 with their virtual scratch off tickets. You can also earn tokens to enter other competitions and play games.

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