Saturday, June 18, 2016

I Am Worth It!..

Hello everyone, today is going to be a refreshments segment on doing the best for us and how we can make ourselves feel more worthy of the things we deserve.

I came across a discussion the other day about how we do not give ourselves what we are worthy of, when we are more for others in giving the best of what we think they may want to see. It is very important in making sure that we give to ourselves the best of everything, rather it be from our clothing, our house keep up, the best dishware or how we feel in general.

This is very important to look at deeper because when we have company come over, we pull out the best dishware and we make sure the house looks at its best.

Not to say that this is inappropriate but to shine some light upon the things we do to impress for our outer social reflection groups and their thoughts, instead of our own self attitude, feelings and inner satisfactions in doing this for ourselves first and foremost.

It is very important because when we go out or go shopping with a friend or another, most times we make sure we wear the best clothing, earrings, watches, best perfume or cologne. Of course it is always good to give these things to be displayed but we need to give that same treatment for ourselves also before we give it to another and take a day or sometime out to be the best for ourselves while doing so.

To give anything less will be short handed to ourselves of the worthiness that we deserve. It is good that we can take the time to be able to feel refreshed and enjoy what we're looking like for in the things that we have so we can expect more great things to come forth.

Let us be appreciative of where we stand and for that in which we have, to guide us to look good for self satisfaction from within, and feel our best so others may see what comes along with that glory we vividly glow.

If it sounds like it may be boastful or selfishness..its not, that is the opposite of what this segment is about. This segment is about learning how to be selfish enough to give to ourselves the worthiness and love that is given to us at all times by the Creator.

So therefore it can teach us & it has the message to teach others to give the same goodness to themselves, in order to be able to share with others. This is the completion of what we have come to discover at getting & doing the best for ourselves, from ourselves and all within the abundance of love.

How can we wish someone well and goodness for others but yet neglect to give ourselves the same blessings and wishes..?

That way of thinking is self doubt and a stressful mindset to be set in. It is only the greatness that is within us to strive to want more and be more, it is also the greatest within us  to realize that we have more capabilities, and more gifts to come our way as we expand open arms for more things to come our way every time.

Being able to give more to ourselves and in return give more within others to give & gift to themselves.
When we give rather it is for ourselves or for another or whom ever we may encounter, it is also the effectiveness in the universal laws taking place.

That we shall receive what we give and we will be receiving what is given. No matter how it is given in love or how it is given in distribution, we are all in a continuance of perpetual motion  being able to have our desires manifest itself in all forms in the universe to come within us.

Take the time and make sure you look the best for you, that you do the best possible for yourself, and in return you can give the best for others. Once we realize what it is that we need to be the best to our inner selves, then and only then can we enable ourselves to give the best to others in return.

This is your host & blogger "Lex' and I will be talking again with you soon. Stay blessed and only you!   "Real Double Dose Channel."

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