Friday, June 24, 2016

Our Strength's In Weakness..

Good day everyone, today's topic is going to be on the subject of our strengths in weaknesses.
Having our strengths can also become a weakness, and having a weakness can become one of our defining strengths, depending on how the measurements of these two great factors can bring forth light within its moments.

It can be very difficult at times to admit to having any weaknesses when we only desire in striving to see the strengths within ourselves. These balanced foundations all play a role and how these things may also be used against us, for us, in which is that place where we dwell called life.

The characteristics of our strengths can also be measured by where we are needed, how we are needed and what we are here for. Our weaknesses can play off a similar roll to what is going on with those around us, how we are needed for what we are needed and where we are needed in another persons view points, whether they are taking advantage of us from the inner strengths we obtain.

In this life there is always a give an take situation, rather we take from the food supply or whether we have a conversation with someone that goes left or right. This comes down to  knowing when to pull from our strengths and when to not let others become a debilitating element or weakness to us.

It is also for us to know when a weakness comes in to place so that we can utilize it in exchange for a better fitting, to develop more understanding into knowing ourselves and any limitations or stipulations surrounding us.

The stigmas on having a weakness does not mean it is fully who we have become nor is it the embodiment in how far we have come to be. This simply means that it is something that comes from how we can partake in procrastination of situations, overly contemplate to things we get overcome with by fears, and creating those weaknesses to come into play for those things called upon.

Because in order to have a weaknesses you also have  strengths and in order to have those strengths you also have those weaknesses, it is great contrast to divide the lines of what we are and what we desire to understand the things of what we what do not.

An example of having strengths could be where we take some time for ourselves that we normally wouldn't, where we will say no to someone that we usually say yes to or being able to do the things that we know we can set forth to do.

Some examples of weaknesses could easily be not to accept something that we know that we deserve, it could also be having the tendencies of belittling ourselves, letting others run us down or over us, or simply giving in to a discipline we've set in place for ourselves that is broken in those moments.

Understanding that weaknesses and strengths are a perfect balance given to us on our creation here on this earth. The understanding that we can go ahead and harness whichever one of them to make way into the learning's why we are given this divine contrast that is constantly being fed to us on a daily basis to discover more so of who we are.

When we understand that our strengths are just as defined as our weakness, then we can understand that our weaknesses are just as strong as the inner strengths within us, we must harness these things and use them in the daily life we live that is consistently perpetuating forward.

In retrospect every strength and weakness cannot be called anything of a label, because we will not know a weaknesses until we have encountered one that can be defined as such.

Nor can anyone understand the fullness of strength until we have encountered one itself. So therefore these things are shifted on the balance of where they fall into place in our lives and how we live from being within the definitions established by them, because of who we are as people.

Taking one day at a time is all we can do because the future is every moment that we live in, tomorrow is never promised but right now is what we have.

Learning in everything that comes with these, rather it be our strengths or it be any weaknesses and our likes or dislikes. They will all seemingly come into play for the betterment of knowing and serving the purpose of who we are, what we want and exactly how life is full of endless journeys for us once we come after it in all the greatness created unto us by our perfect Creator.

This is your host and blogger Lex', and we are going to be coming to you with another edition about on "RDDC". So please stay tuned, stay blessed and only you!


  1. When I started changing and saying "no" to what I normally said yes to....people tried to keep bringing me down and making me feel awful. I was done with all of that, so unfortunately, I've had to cut some people out of my life....for my piece of mind. Great post and something we all need to remember.

    1. Awesome discoveries we share indeed!