Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Ties Between Blood & Water..

 Welcome everyone! In today's segment we will be talking about, is blood thicker than water and our relationships with family and friends that we encounter in life.

So we have ask to ourselves what gives us the reason to believe that blood is thicker than water when it comes to family and friendship relationships or those that we establish outside the box so to speak..?

When it does come to our family, we have an essence of those to always be there for us and those we can always count on or tell our deepest secrets to. Although when it comes to friendships, there seems to be a defining line of how much we will let these persons be apart of intimate moments from reservations in us to try and protect ourselves in any harm from that aspect.

Looking to the bloodlines that we share, it cannot always be the tightest of strengths that we have come to realize. Sometimes the blood that lies within the families blood is not thicker than water and sometimes the  water of the friendships we hold, are seemingly thicker than those bloodlines in this life or the next.

Taking a personal page from my own book, I have been closer to some friendships in my lifetime than I will ever be to the thickness that goes with bloodlines in the family. I have never been able to fully be open with certain members of my family that would be considered very close in the reality's of society.

Somehow things can work out this way better for some people when it comes to being open with everything they feel and who they are, outside of their family lives, rather than inside of the immediate circles of the one's we grew & grow up with.

In every view point of honesty, family doesn't mean that it is the closest thing to us or will always be there for us , sometimes the friendships we develop in life with those outside of our bloodlines are the strongest elements that we hold on to today.

It is best for us to understand that anyone can be farther apart from us regardless if they were born from the same family or not.

Some of the darkest of moments in our lives can come from the families that we grow up in and some of the brightest can come from them too. As well as the friendships we encounter can be on the same on each level.
It is those who holds closest to our hearts in the moments when we need them, it is those who will be there for us during anytime within our lives where we feel we need that persons or people's comfort and support.

Rather great times or rough ones, that is the representation of when blood ties are thicker, not just simply by being family and water being to represent the friendships. Because it comes to who is going to be there for us at all times and through any or every storm.

The mutual relationship between family and friends are always going to even out no matter how far we go on in this life journey.

There will be one person or others that changes are perspective on what family truly means. Where in these friendships that water connecting with us can or will eventually turn to the thickness of bloodlines between the relationship.

We must understand the laughter that we share, the happiness that we share, the bad times, the sadness and the goodness is all replicated in all of us being one, we are connected to each other by the Source & life force of all things.

Unity comes in strengths not just necessarily by numbers, it is always given to us by all things that we are and since we know that we are created from One divine Source, we can also understand that everything is just as thick in the blood we are created from.

Though we may start off as light as water is sometimes, we are all connected as a family of everything that is living upon this earth and within the universe.

Family are the bloodlines which bloom of the first person or people we think of as we start our day, the first thoughts that our minds go to as we go through things in life.

Knowing who will be there in those times and precious moments with paths unfolding. The friendships that unite us is the families in the ever growing friendships we share.

This has been another wonderful segment and I hope this brought some insights to everyone of us.

This is your host "Lex' and we will be back with more on this blog and podcast.
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