Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Role's We Play..

 Good day to everyone, we will be talking about the responsibilities of what we partake in life, and is it our responsibilities to make life more safely and wonderful for all that are inhabiting it with us..?

Is it our personal responsibilities to give these comfort's more to ourselves in order to give the same to those surrounding us..? Can our actions and impulses be better challenged by circumstances that evolve for our participation when the time is presented..?

It is said that "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil but because of those who look and do nothing." We will rise as we lift others.
Some of us out here in life do not want to be apart of the interactions of daily lives when it comes to other peoples living experiences.

At the same times we are also given a level of tests it seems, to be able to interact with another persons experience in a positive light or altering an event, in order to help them define what is going on with them so we may find the same definition within ourselves.

Rather it be helping someone cross the street, rather it be saving them from a thief or stopping a horrific event that is going to or is taking take place.
Everyone of us all need to understand that the alignment of where we are and who we are comes into play at all given moments, regardless of where we are set forth within our lives and where we are in that time line in life.

Some people may save a person's moment in life because of the heroism that comes along with it and others in most cases connect to the urge to aid another from the human kindness that we share alike, to be able to help others as we would also like for them to help us in our time of great needs to when it is seen.

To help someone else is to help ourselves, for we are all connected to one Source and all things regardless if it is a species of animal or the plants we eat or that helps give the oxygen we breathe. Everything that we do to benefit another, can only come back in abundance to ourselves from the Source of what we are all created from.

It is almost as an instant of natural impulsion to go ahead with aiding another and helping out those whom may be in need.

It comes from the realization of us who could be that same someone, as we see them for who they are within a small piece of ourselves that we are helping, but in truth we are also helping ourselves in the acceptance in helping them as well.

It still will fit into the same principles of "In order to give you allow the receiving and in order to receive you allow the giving". This all aligns into each other when we are all for the goodness in prosperity to all, instead of us pushing and fighting against one another in whatever levels that may be to rise higher than the next person.

The truth is we are natural lovers, we are constant abundant life forces that love to see other people succeed as well and deep down inside of ourselves we also like to help others as much as we can.

In order to relieve ourselves in a feeling of being obligated, let us remember to just be who we are and hear the calling of what is reaching out for us in those times of anyone's needs and never be neglecting of our own inner beings guiding systems to lead us along the way.

It is only right to assess any situation before being involved within it and when we tap into the inner source of who we are, we know what is productive and we know which is a negative decline heading towards us. It is our common sense usage of the right ways to know that we are to understand in what situations we are needed in and which ones that can be avoided.

In retrospect all we need to do is understand when the situation, opportunity or calling comes without a fraction of any doubt, then we will know what path to take next. Until we feel those things presenting itself, we can  only really be ourselves and live in the completion of alignment of who we are created to thrive on this planet.

There is no harm in helping another, as long as we are not harming ourselves and the helping of another person is no harm to us.

Just knowing & feeling that at any given moment we may be needed for a greater purpose or to serve a purpose is uplifting alone, but coming together in times of need truly will give us more momentum, prosperity and alignment with the Creators overwhelming abundance of absolute Love.

This is your host & blogger "Lex' and I will be speaking to you all soon, thank you, stay blessed and only you!

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