Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Harmonies Within You..

Hello everyone, today's topic is going to be about feeling the harmonization's of the inner being that is within and our inner voice that is always calling out for us to listen from the beginning of creation, with all that we know and all that we can ever hope to find.

The silence of harmony that dwells within us is more profound than anything known to human kind. It is the type of silence that gives us absolute peace and the absolute knowledge of all things that have been around our existence for the beginning of time.

In today's society the way things are always circulating to be of a busy schedule, it can be difficult for us to take the time out and just hear that inner stream of peace within us.
Regardless if we put on a pair of headphones, some nice music or we sit in a quiet room of silence, to connect to whom is calling upon us from the place connected to the source of all things within ourselves.

I believe sometimes we are taught to feel some level of guilt about taking that time to get to know ourselves or we feel some kind of anxiety knowing that we are not moving at a rapid pace on getting today out of the way. Our connectionism to this reality may be looked at strangely enough at times, although we are here to do exactly that.

We are here to explore who we are from the spiritual, mental, emotional and then intertwine with all that is physical in which is experienced in the manifestations we live in of touching, hearing, tasting, smelling, and seeing.

It is not too much for us to ask more from ourselves in order to get to know who we are burning deep within that feeling of who we've become inside. When we feel the loneliness arising, it can only come from us feeling the stream of disconnection to the Creator.

If we can come to understand that once we connect to the Great spirit itself of all things, it will seamlessly align us to and with all things. This alignment being tuned in to our fuller spectrum will come to completion of who we are and what we are going to do with the greatest discoveries to believe in our hopes, dreams, and every desire that has ever been given only to us.

Self soothing and the fullness of satisfaction can only be brought forth from the inner place where it all had to start. One can only imagine how it would be if we did not have sleep for our spiritual elements to be able to have more release from the resistance in this physical based world.

Thank goodness that we have this restfulness put in place to be able to get the releasing we need for the nourishment to our souls, from this world that has been built up around this solid structure of the forgetting the non physicals greater aspects and being so separated from the source within exactly who we are created from.

Harmonizing with the silence inside of us is the best medicine for any illnesses, every solution to any problem and the best results for anything that we can look forward to. It is that place where we get a better alignment to find ourselves, even if it is for a brief moment in the days and nights.

We need to also realize that when we go to sleep it is the time for us to relish in basking inside of the souls realm. Allowing the manifestations in the physical as well as a spiritual, mental, and emotional connections being birthed to its place.

We all have our own conclusions on what is the best relaxation techniques so we can transcend and that is exactly what we can do to find more of ourselves in whatever we decide to discover more of who we are.
This is only the beginning of what we have to discuss, so remember to make sure you harmonize with the silence from within that speaks to your inner beings language for the souls journeys.

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I will be speaking to you all soon, this is your host and blogger "Lex.. Stay blessed and only you.

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