Sunday, May 29, 2016

I Have To Love..Me.

Hello to everyone, today's segment is going to be about loving yourself and how to find a love  deep within yourself,so that you can find a love outside of yourself. Some people might gratify themselves and a sense of love by self stimulation, reading a book or simply having a cup of tea in a quiet room but what we need to realize is that no matter what we do at times to smooth out the void's of loneliness is to accept all of our spiritual energy. Even after this we are still surrounded in a feeling of being alone, regardless if we happen to be in a room full of people but I will say that we are most certainly not alone.

As for myself I use to believe sitting & talking to a lot of people being very social, was part of the answers. The feeling of that quiet place buried inside of me somehow continued to expand  and no matter how many people were around me, smiling with me, laughing in engaging conversations, I realized that the loneliness just came in more than ever.

For so many years I've heard the saying "you have to love yourself first", but a few years ago a past lover of mine told me the same thing and it didn't really sink inside me until that time like ever before. After hearing those words from him, it took me months of dissecting it in my head, heavily on my thoughts and in my feelings on how I can love myself more than anybody else could. Until I realized something really deep within that very important saying.
It seemed ludicrous to me from the first time I heard it, to love myself before I could love anyone or anyone could truly love me. I pondered a lot thinking, how can I love myself if I don't know how to love myself or if I thought I was already loving myself by simply being me..?
What I have found out is that I had been looking for love to be given to me from another, when I hadn't even began to really or wasn't willing to find out how to love myself more. Maybe you can relate to that feeling of wanting our significant others or someone in our families, to love and give us the love that we keep searching for but never find within ourselves, in order to fill in the loneliness aching from within.
The fact of the matter is what I realized and many others have also, is that we have to love ourselves because the Creator of all things doe's. We are given that profound love from the beginning of our creation. It is unreasonable for us to desire someone to love us more than we are willing to love ourselves.
The ancient saying goes "we love Him because he first loved us", so we need to realize that no matter how much we try to love someone else we cannot love anyone beyond ourselves first. Because we have to love ourselves in order to give someone else that same exact purity in love's perfection of complete abundance, from the love that we receive constantly from the Source of all things.
At times it can seem difficult to understand how to wrap our minds around love or how to love ourselves when all things around us are falling apart at times. understanding that love is being poured upon us consistently, with no ending in sight is the key, having Faith and absolutely believing, feeling and knowing that no matter what happens Love will & can never fail us. This is the essence of what we are created in and the vibrational components of the universe we thrive in.

I find myself being my own best friend, being the person that I can love and all the love is being given right back to who I'm loving inside. That is the best medicine and solution for all things connected to love, is to know that we and the Great spirit who has breathed life within our bodies.. this is the only medicine of love we could ever need to grow amidst. As 'Les Brown' says, "one of the best conversations that we can ever have, is an intelligent conversation with ourselves".  

Scratching the surface for the fullness of who we are and how we feel within that purity of love coming from within. The main objective should not only be us trying to get love from all others in anyone who will show us some kind of affection, the main objective is to be able to love from the inside of ourselves, to feel the love coming from above. Only then after embracing such a deeper acknowledgment, we can truly distribute love to another.

So make sure you take some time to feel yourself all the way through, get to know you and spend the time with the best love of your life..which is You. With this understanding you will come to more appreciation of who your inner being is and the Perfect one whom created it. I hope we can all come to more of the realization that we are all worthy of His undying Love and blessings.

Stay happy, blessed and only you, this is your host and blogger 'Lex and I will talk to you soon, keep tuning in..Thanks! Real Double Dose Channel

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