Monday, May 30, 2016

Confidence In Insecurities..

Good day to everyone, this is your blogger and host 'Lex'. We are going to start the segment off about confidence in insecurities of what we feel inside of ourselves as well as the people we love. Insecurities of confidence can come from how we think we look compared to another, how we think a lover or friend may be looking at another person compared to us, possibly thinking or assuming they hold more beauty. It can be how anything looks in comparison to where we view ourselves, or how its just feeling in general terms.

We all seem to find out more about ourselves in this journey of life when things are written in words, spoken and heard. But what it comes down to is, why do we critique ourselves or feel some type of inadequateness from mainly we place a measure upon ourselves by the foundation of someone or something else we are looking to focus our attention on..?

It happens to everyone either if   we accept it or deny it, this is the part of the human kind traits that we share. Possibly it has been on some deeper level inside of ourselves that has taken a point for us to get a chance to realize how inadequate we might feel overall. If someone calls us beautiful or handsome, many times it is hard for us to accept these nice gestures and things being as though we did not deserve them or believe that we are those compliments.

Speaking for myself here, when someone gives me a compliment, the first thing that triggers off in the back if my mind at times is.. "Well I'm glad you see that, because that's not what I see in the mirror". Then I have to catch myself in the moment and help myself to remember not to be a negative Nancy but to embrace everything that is beautiful that's within and apart of me in who I was made to be.

Sometimes it can be very difficult from a pattern that's been accepted all these years within ourselves to just stop it so suddenly, but in time, preparation and repetitiveness we can go ahead and reverse all the effects of this negative imagery training that has been seeded in our thought process through the years. If it was easy everyone in the world would be doing it like it was nothing at all. We need to go ahead and just do these things of giving positive feedback to ourselves so we have the right energies in being able to help and love others more sufficiently.

This also stems off from the previous topic of loving yourself from the Creators love given to every one of us before you were born into our physical bodies. It is also the terminology of how we love ourselves and souls more, in order not to feel inadequate or put any negative stipulation of relations on what we see  looking back from inside of us each day. We are the only ones who can love ourselves apart from the love that we were given as we were made. We are the only ones who can tell ourselves of the facts of our inner beliefs flourish in. What we will take into self beliefs is truly vital, because we have to look at everything of any attachments to flaws we've developed to see and be able to see it as goodness, as beauty with an attitude of nurturing behaviors.. the way we were to be within all great things to begin with.

So if the next time we find ourselves criticizing how we look in comparison to another person, remember that we are meant to look exactly the way we are and even though it might not be ideal to where we want to be or place ourselves in, we can achieve anything by the power of our minds, hearts, thoughts, and feelings.

Let us give ourselves the compliments of life and the compliments of all the beauties that we withhold. In time these things will be no more a burden to our minds. We are all apart of the magnificence of the universe and the Creators Love, so when we insult ourselves, the perfection of this wonderfully aligned power then becomes flawed within what we come to live each day.
This has been a treat once again and I look forward to speaking with you soon. Stay blessed and only you!  Leave comments or an email with support for any inquiries or questions about our segments. Thanks.

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  1. I absolutely find this to be true! After the childhood I had, I found it hard to accept genuine compliments...I always suspected there were underlying reasons for it. And with my 1st marriage, it was the epitome of a bad relationship....took me years, and I'm still wary, but I'm slowly getting there.