Saturday, May 28, 2016

The "Faith" Of Our Journey's In Life..

Hello everyone, for our conversation today the subject is about "Faith", the absence of something not seen but yet hoped for to be born into life!
The 3 other universal principles which are, believe it in "Faith", see it through "visualization" and receive it with open arms, acceptance intertwined with appreciation from the heart. Many people might say, if I can see it then I could visualize it even deeper, or I would believe it if the evidence was right there in front of my face, then I will be fine and can accept it.
Although that way of thinking, is Not the way "Faith" flows its purest of abundance in our lives.

It may be harder for some of us since we are now adults and have been taught not to live within imaginations of creativity but as children we had the world so vibrantly & abundantly open to so many possibilities and adventures in the depths of our imaginative mind's. When I was a child my brother and I would play like we were "Peter Pan and Wendy" and although we knew that nothing was really going to take us to "Neverland", nothing else mattered at that very moment. Our depths of the imaginative mind took to those extraordinary places, feeling our feet lift off the ground as we created ourselves like the magic was glowing and we could actually fly with them. At least in our created worlds we always can.

Faith is also by the feeling of what we believe that is going to come to fruition and manifestation. Faith is so many things that are unseen, that only can be felt by the spirit and heart to know that it will be seen soon enough from it's physical absence of our senses in smells, tasting, touching and hearing. Is it easier for us to believe that after a long work week, will be served a check for compensation for hours put forth..? Is it easiest for us to believe that after gardening and planting a seed or seeds, that within just a short time the flowers will grow..?
Just as those things are planted within our belief systems of Faith, we also need to have the same belief systems of Faith and the imagination/creativity for the things that we know are more than obtainable to all who desire them.

Life is about conquests, journeys and complete exploration into the things that manifest, to the things our expectations formed within visualizations in the belief systems that we believe. Over the past few years I have written many books and although I did not realize that when I was feeling the thoughts and the emotions behind each chapter, my book was set in motion coming to life in my own reality. Being that I was the one feeling and seeing everything that I visualized, so therefore we know that all these things can come to life just as a person would write a story book on what they want to be created or enhanced in their own reality's. One of the philosophy's that I take within myself to grow and learn more each day is to, See it first, Ask it, Believe it and then you shall receive it.
I say, see it first for myself  because when you know exactly what you want it is easier for you to ask for exactly or generally on what it is you're trying to manifest within your belief and Faith system. I See  for what I ask, I ask for what I Believe and I Believe in what I am going to Receive. That is exactly the message that we should always be putting forth with the Creator' and the universal principles given in our vibrational signals to work on all of our behalf.

So to pause on this conversation for the meantime, let us also do our best to Believe and have Faith in the things that we know we are to Receive. Let us do as much as we can to get there closer & closer, and no matter how much of a storm may come upon our paths, to remember that the sunshine is drawing near.
As time proceeds forward we will be looking into more deeper talks about our inner being, spirituality, mental clarity and so forth. We will also be touching base on relationships, cooking ideas, parenting advice meditation, life boosts and everything under an above the sun.

Sometimes life can be as fast as a curve ball and in all these pages that you go through will have conversations reaching across the board as well as the podcast. Always it will give you some kind of understanding to  a variety of things you never realized you were looking for or newly discovered. Here is where we will serve up a slice of everyday life, that's what the Real Double Dose Channel is all about.. so stay tuned! -"Lex'.  Real Double Dose Channel!

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