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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Woe's Of The Lone Pt.2

I believe when we experience loneliness, it is one of the open gateways to begin experiencing more coming into our lives from the momentum that we need to fulfill with the alignment surrounding our aura's. To clarify what I mean by momentum, is that the moment we stop perpetuating forward, comes in the moment where we feel stagnant and where we are standing for the loneliness to dwell and expand more so. For example the moment that you let go of heavy resistance in your space, rather thoughts, feelings and emotional intelligence.. Then someone or something is on its way to you for the filling up of that emptied measure. Which I call the boomerang effect in circulating our momentum. The boomerang effect is exactly how it's distributed and measured, by what you send out with your spiritual signal. Giving you exactly what you get in light of that sending..so what you have and made now more available in space for, is exactly what Quantum leaps you'll be attracting into your life. Fast or slow, no matter how it unfolds, you are always going to receive everything you align in and out of sync with each countless second of your lifetime.
Now the key basis of what are the topic touching on now going to have more understanding on the alignment, momentum and resistance, of the things that we need to let go of and let in order to propel forward. The saying goes "what you resist shall persist"-. So then we ask ourselves, how can we stop resisting something that is constantly going on in or around our environment and atmosphere..? A good example this might be is one who is on a strict diet sitting in front of a food buffet of all delectable treats..Someone who is in a committed relationship who enters a place willingly or unwillingly into an environment filled with possible temptations of people to mingle with. Where then there we have to allow ourselves to realize this is the atmosphere in which is being brought forth or created , rather to experience it or to gratify ourselves more so. A repercussion or consequences may very well be lingering in the balance but it is then up to us in either to excel  or stand firm in our own disciplined beliefs. Because we can just as much enjoy or slender in the fantasies of it, than taking action based steps within it.
Denying ourselves of such things seem to have a negative impact on us, when we desire something so strongly that we know that we cannot have in some kind of way, shape or form. So it starts the resistance and the persistence all over once more. Instead, see it as a token of inspirations for things not pursued or ventured because of the great accomplishments that are already set in place. Another example is, for the example said earlier. Try sitting at the table distancing yourself from the buffet and have one piece of something that you really want to try and have the next trip when you go there again to just have another piece of something. Stretch out your limitations that you've set within yourself, or for instance try being in that room full of people enjoying the moment of them. Maybe sit across and watch everyone dancing or toasting to the celebrations, and see how they vibrate together as you appreciate the happiness there all around while you observe and take into your alignment.

We will be diving deeper into the subjects of alignment, resistant, momentum and further expanding more than just a spiritual moment but a spiritual journey. But if you have any questions, comments or concerns or anything that you want to get off your mind to provide some clarity, please feel free to reach us at (RealDoubleDosechannel@yandex.com) and we look forward to hear from you as well as answering anything you may want to talk about on our segments or simply say!

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  1. I'm still trying to push past the feeling!