Monday, August 15, 2016

The Tuning Of Our Frequencies..

 Hello everyone, today's segment is going to be a conversation of the frequencies that we seemingly tune ourselves into.

In this life we will continue to experience constant milestones, challenges and new heights to where we are supposed to be.

Ultimately we can understand that it is our state of being within the frequencies that we sometimes unconsciously or willingly can set our lives in which ever course we lead it to be.

Rather vibrationally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually are the ones that align the entire course of the path that unfolds in every new beginning.

It does not matter if it is a course that is going to be on more of a negative impact verses a course that may lead to be more of a positive aspect.

It all depends on the frequencies that we decide to harmonize with, almost like a radio dial that we are seeking to connect with which is playing the song or the channels to the life we wish to live and amidst.

For instance, if we listen to a radio station and we do not like something that is being played, we change the channel immediately.

It is the same principles when it comes of what we desire and call upon from life, simply it is to tune ourselves into the airwaves in which we wish to receive within an upon our lives.

We have to remember that the frequencies that we are listening or tapping into are not  necessarily the same frequencies in all these things which stand around us.

Rather it be loved ones or just our friendships. For our paths are our paths and our journeys in which we are leading will seemingly align as they are meant to be or for another greater purpose.

As easily as we can change the TV channel, and as easily as we can turn off the water from a faucet, the same stipulations are set in motion that will lead our lives to a better harmony with the things that are seeking us out, just as much as we are seeking it.

Many of the Greats have said -"If you want the same results keep doing what you're doing-".
So if we want a different recipe to the ones that we are seeking, we then have to follow the guidelines of those recipe's that we want and assemble it to let the elements workout in being what we sought out for.

Believe, trust and know that life is exactly what we make it and what we want it to be. Life will give us anything that we ask for from the Creator's never ending, unfailing and undeniable Love. 

We have to know what to ask for and allow them to come into the frequencies with our positivity, motivation, inspiration and absolute Love that is streaming into us for all eternity.

When troubles try to get us down or circumstances in situations, when things look like a dark cloud hanging over us, remember that there is always the magnificent Light shining upon us in all the things that we wish to do.

This is your host & blogger "Lex' and I look forward to speak with you all soon, please stay blessed and only you!


  1. I think a lot of people struggle with this because they know what they want but they don't know how to receive it. In most cases, it is because they don't feel they deserve to. I am working on myself a lot and I can understand what you mean here. Tuning yourself in to your own needs and wants unselfishly and allowing God to supply your needs. We just need a bit of trust :)

    1. Yes, and when people don't allow the worthiness to situate itself within their lives, more blessings and abundance will only set in place and fail to blossom because of it. Thank you for your insights!