Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Emotional Guiding Paths..

 Welcome to you all, today's segment is going to be on the subject of scattered and battered like emotional feelings.

Sometimes we can go through a parallel of unforgiving times as though our emotions are scattered from the misuse of them. Seemingly causing a chain reaction for us to feel some kind of disconnection in those emotions from within ourselves, as well as being able in proceeding the expansions of them to any others.

Many of us have been scarred inside of our spirits from different circumstances and situations which has happened to or in our lives from other people, places and circumstances.

We cannot seem to let go of the feelings of these scattered, hurtful or blinding emotions that give us the feels of each blow to have come with the journeys of life.

Each time we connect with the representation of the past to what is happening in our future, we sometimes unknowingly are only holding ourselves back from the things that are coming to be in existence in our experiences to explore and redefine life's purposeful meanings.

What we encounter from our paths past are life lessons worth learning. We can utilize the values and what we have experienced to also start a new fresh beginning to the things that carry momentum to the betterment in becoming.

This is so that we may take growth of letting go of the past scars, which will be a memory to the surface and allow the things that once had been, to unravel to the many more great blessings which seek to be and without resistance, will become.

Once we connect to our inner being with understanding that the journeys in life have been brought to us for the unfolding of where we are going to from where or what we have went through, we can also understand this scattering of emotions or the battered trial's that carried upon it.

Through out our past experiences in sharing those sacred feelings to those who weren't in alignment, perpetuated the standards of tolerance we live in today to a certain standpoint, because everything has to do with the arrangements of where we stand in relation to it today.

If we hold ourselves back from the great things that wish to come from the past things that left those feelings of any negative energies, we will only hold on to the past which needs to be let go of in order for us to move forward.

It does not mean to forget all the things that have been but rather to learn from them and grow from them and let it be where it dwells within the past so we can move onwards to deeper emotions of happiness to overcome them.

Life is about experiencing the better and greater times that seek to become, not about staying or living in the past moment and experiences that once were.

Let us give those scattered emotions another try in being able to be harnessed with the love that is meant for all of us.

For us not see it as a battery of those emotions but the learning climbs that is of giving us the leverage of being more of who we are now and leading our journeys for the greatest future's to come forth.

Every emotion, any feelings or any thoughts are only as we lead them to be. Rather it be for the happiness or for the sadness that we place upon ourselves.

In order for us to grow, we have to know that we are in control of these miraculous things given to us from the Creator's unfailing and everlasting Love.

This is your host & blogger "L.E.X, stay blessed and only you and make sure to tune in for more!


  1. I always tell people to stop blaming others for how they feel. No one can make you feel something without you saying it is okay. We are in control of our emotions and feelings and a huge part of maturity is accepting that responsibility.

    1. So right you are my dear, Thank you.