Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Finding The Path's Of Happiness..

 Hello again everyone, today's topic is going to be about the pursuit of happiness and how we can creatively continue to manifest these things to be in our own perceptions of happiness which does not exist in the world as we know it.

In the world that we live in today the essence of happiness only comes from the imaginative purposes within that of ourselves and the experiences that we encounter on a moment to moment basis.
From a deeper clarity of understanding happiness, it is just a word out here in the world to describe a sense of defined emotions. Happiness is a feeling and brought forth to come by how we allow it's energies to manifest from within ourselves.

A sense of happiness can be brought on from the memories we have experienced, from a sudden impulse that comes within us from the deep feelings of our inner being an so on. It can be many things that are accountable for the reason in how or why we describe those rich emotions as our embodiment of happiness but ultimately it can only be given such a title of happiness once we realize it's complete abundance.

If we think back very clearly to ourselves on all the times that we have expanded & experienced the abundance of the feelings of happiness, we can ask ourselves what was it that triggered this happiness..? What place or state of mind was it that made us stay there to continue, smiles, laughs or those warm feelings melting deep inside our entire systems.

From the body in our spirit and in our minds, it comes from the exact moment of when we realize that this is the way it was meant to be to begin with.

Happiness does not have to be a temporary moment or a brief leisure in time, if we grasp onto the facts that happiness is always within us at any given second and every blessed moment. When we simply take advantage of what it is that so willingly yearns to be free inside of ourselves, when we embrace the purity of life and prosperity within the spirit that was & is flourished into us on our creation into this world.
Many things are easier said then done but ultimately it comes down to us being able to doing them instead of being said to us.

We have to embrace all the understandings of what true life is meant to be and seek out the existence of this happiness that is not harnessed from the societies daily lives around as we know of it today.
Happiness is what our spirit is built off of, happiness is the developments of our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual properties that are given to us on the time we are given this life, happiness is more than just a word, happiness is the feeling of who and what we truly are.

If ever we find ourselves in a grayish area in our lives or the dark places of where we do not see the evidence of happiness, remember that happiness comes from the Creators source of who we are naturally. Fully understanding that we are also given the birthright to tap into it at any time we so please to do so.

When we keep in remembrance of exactly what we are wonderfully created from and where we come from, all great things will manifest unto us, with the seed, hopes and happiness within this very essence. Happiness is the heart, mind and soul, and in these sacred places we have the fullest control. Practice finding, knowing, keeping and staying right where we desire to be at.

This is your host and blogger 'Lex' coming to you again with this refreshing segment and I hope and pray these insights can be utilized into each one of our lives however it may fit into alignment.

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Stay tuned for more and thank you for being only you, stay blessed!

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