Monday, June 13, 2016

The Passion's Purpose..

Hello everyone, I hope you're feeling refreshed and clarity is flowing into your minds and hearts. Today's segment is about the two P's (passion & purpose).

Feeling the passions to lead to more purposes or feeling the purposes to lead into our passions, all comes aligned in  ways for the life that we are given to unfold. It is not uncommon for us to feel as though the passions we resonate with may have the tendencies to make us feel selfish to our own destinations, dreams and understandings.

We are all given special abilities to have the power and creativity of our desires and passions, in order to create these purposes and the purpose of whats on the journey of our lives brought forth to us through these passions to begin with.

I believe when we talk about passions, its more than just a brief moment that passes us by. I believe the passions rise on to us as we fulfill them with the beliefs we hold and that we set forth. Regardless if it is opening up a store, helping the community or doing something extraordinary visually to our minds.

A passion must be concealed within us in order to feel any kind of purpose and a purpose also has to have a passion connected to its alignment, because if a passion doesn't carry a form of destination to be connected to the purpose, then it would be uncanny to believe that it would be so full stream with our perseverance of the things we need to accomplish.

Passions are the substances of which what we harmonize with, a connection actually from the source within our inner being. A purpose is the destinations of many places where we want to see the accomplishments of these passions flourish into our physical reality.

So therefore they can come together as an alignment with our universal connections. We need to understand also that it is okay to feel passions that are not always on a grand level, a passion which we see can be as small or big such as the universe itself, and always striving to acknowledge the understanding of these mysterious manifestations that belong only to us.

It can be difficult going ahead and believing of the passions that we have for the purposes of which we need to fulfill inside of ourselves. We must also not let anyone discourage us from our paths or let alone us, the biggest enemy within ourselves, from self doubt, discouraging thought forms and an unwillingness to persevere through these moments.

We are more than capable of doing and giving the born right to do so, it is to be pursued with everything that we have and to be held on to the visualizations of what things were called to be.
Any journey that we see in this life or any journey that we are given to walk the path of, always has every passion & purpose intertwined into the meaning of how they will unfold.

"Let not our hearts be in trouble"- Says the greatest book that was ever given to man kind to have a directional path on who we are and the powers of which we are given the passage of answering the messages life unfolds to us. Every passion & purpose that we have we are going to encounter obstacles, challenges, and situations.

We keep in mind that moving forward in order to overcome these obstacles and continue using them to our advantages because whatever solution becomes a problem, then we know that every problem turns into a solution.

Enjoying the journey of the passion, we must also be open to understand and give abundance in appreciation for the purposes of which we are given to explore all of life's wonders that we can create any given time. Feeling, believing, trusting, embracing and allowing to all great things it's own unraveling.

Until next time, please listen to your passions and then find your purposes and please find your purposes to unveil your passions.

This is your host/blogger "Lex', and we will be talking to you soon from the 'Real Double Dose Channel' .Stay continually blessed and only you!


  1. Great post! I always found passion to be a double edge sword for most people. On one hand they follow it but they allow fear to hinder themselves so much in the process that it back fires. Does that make sense? To truly embrace passion you must have love and trust.

    1. It makes complete sense my dear, and a double edged sword is something that will await us in life no matter the steps taken. But it is how we curve it to work for us that does the better or worst outcomes. Thank you!