Saturday, June 11, 2016

Love's Connection..

Today we are going to have discussions about loving others and loving the love in everything that comes in abundance rather it is temporary or for a lifetime.

As I bring up this discussion it also has a personal feel with all of the experiences of different people that I am encountering,
that bring on different levels of emotions of love. It blossoms feelings in the abundance of happiness that I continue to experience with each one of their encounters created from  within me and it is a long lasting feeling that I can carry on to the next chapter's of my journey.

In the relation of this, someone can see the exact spectrum of what I am talking about, that when you meet someone even if it's a new friend or passionate conversation with the people that are drawn into our life's, from the calling of our intuitions deep inside.

When we get a chance to hold new levels of new inspiration through that love and passion another one can bring on to our path, and so forth into our existence we are able to explore a newer horizon of things and pass them on to the future.

Love is a profound translation into the meaning of all things connected to the stream of wealth, happiness, abundance and so many other pathways that will meet to align with all  possibilities and the success of them.
Encountering the different levels in experiences of love, rather by from pets, family, friends or just a person that we counter briefly throughout our lives, we can interpret those meetings & meanings within our feelings.

For different involvements including things that we desire and visualize into existence, so we must hold on to that very essence in order to create more of the substance that we are desiring to flourish from these seeded happening's.

Of course love is more than a four letter word, it has the essence of everything that we will ever know to come into our reality and into this journey.
So what we need to do is stay connected by life's examples of everything that we feel and not reject these wonders because of the fear that may be dwelling inside of our hesitations in disappointments. If we embrace everything that comes with these experiences, we will also in retrospect harness everything that has came to us because of the inner calling from within.

Until next time, this is your host of our topics 'Lex' and please tune in again for more inspired conversations. Stay blessed and forever you!

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