Friday, June 10, 2016

Language's of Love..

Today's segment is on the language's of love, that leads to the language of money which and where we connect with abundance that we're hoping to find and looking for within the experience in our lives.

When love is connected it is the resolution to all things, because we are tuned in to a greater sense from the Creator who created us in absolute love. The divine presence is all we need to feel and be connected to everything that we wish to obtain, in order to create the abundance, happiness and wealth flow that we seek. Wealth is measured more than just a material matter, it is the abundance of overall everything that we have with the constant stream of life.

 For example, we can look at the animals of our planet with how they know with absolute assurance that everything is going to be presented to them as it is sought after in their day's findings. We do not have to worry about how we breathe every moment or how to make our blood run throughout our veins, it is  the absolute laws of life's connection that we have been given birth into existence to harness all of what life can give us, if we only call upon such desires.
We have not been given this extraordinary life to feel unworthy, unhappy and bad about where we are and who we are.

We were given this life to create anything that our hearts yearn for, and to come up with our deepest most intimate desires.
Understanding that love is the key to all things because love is pure happiness, joy, and  abundance of greatness in all feelings, dreams and life's truest meaningfulness of wealth.

Money has no choice but to manifest into our physical reality once our inner source calls upon its presence, and give to us every aspect we apply it to of this life.

Sometimes it is difficult for us to to delegate how our emotions will be placed in this everyday life. When feel incomplete or if we feel inadequate of the things that we seek in this world or absence of such things, it makes it harder for the abundance to navigate through those conditions we have created. We have to have absolute Faith and believe in a conscious belief system that we are worthy of such things, therefore we have to see ourselves within this flawless love. Holding in our visualizations of what that money is feeling like, how great our health is and how all things are coming into alignment with us, before we can actually make it manifest into this reality.

Never giving in to what we may see as our current circumstances but believing, hoping, feeling and creating with what is coming to us surely.
Tell your mind what to think, tell your feelings how to feel and tell your body how to react so you can Master everything that comes with the consciousness of happiness and money abundance.

See yourself in the car that you desire from the way it looks in the interior, how the wheels will shine and the color, see yourself in the home that you wish to have from the way the design is made, the closets, gardens, and bedrooms. See yourself with the love that you wish to feel in another person that you want to meet on your path, see yourself happy about your family and a great work atmosphere or to see yourself being the business owner that you've always desired to be. Anything that we see and believe with the feeling deeply rooted, will come into our existence, this is the absolute law of the universe of the Creator's undeniable, flawless and abundant love.

So let us take the time to feel all of our hopes, all of our dreams and all of our desires. Let them manifest in the visualizations that we give ourselves in those moments, rather it be 3 minutes or 3 hours.

Everything that we are manifesting into existence is already there, the journey is to not look at what we are looking at in our reality now but to what is to come by the power of what Faith embodies, and to not hold onto the things that are yet to be seen..just know that all these things are on it's course of manifestation.

This is your host and blogger 'Lex, and I will be back with you soon. Stay blessed and always you!   "RDDC"

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