Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Gift Of Uplifting Moments..

The topic we're starting off today is how to get your partner into alignment with, you to make things in both of your lives work smoother. It's like the old saying goes again, "You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him/she drink it". So what can someone do to make a person that they love and care about feel just as good as them while sharing in the daily vibrations, of what they have to live out together to make their lives harmonize more prosperous and smoothly..?
If anyone may be curious reading the blog as to where this particular question has arose from, it has came from one of the blog readers and soon to listeners of 'RDDC' via email support. A really good question to be asked I must say so myself. "Paula L.", has had a long term relationship for the past several years and cannot seem to get her partner happy neither interested, to do anything with her no matter how much energy and happiness she offers from her own ambient distribution of energy for him to feed off of.
Well's hard to feed of someone's positive energy when you are feeling stuck in your own sadness and unhappiness. When it comes down to is, he has to look within himself and find emotions that he needs and feel's to enable his own inner being in alignment with not only his surrounding vibrations but you as well, and make your relationship go stronger & further each day coming forth.

A tip for you could be to give  him a clearer understanding, letting him remember and to find the place within himself where he is feeling his happiest. Easing him to maintain that momentum and feeling the ambiance wherever he is at. Help him to also understand that alignment will not stay so strongly 100% of the time but to acknowledge that at all times we are always in alignment because of our inner being is.

Must we remind ourselves, any one of us can look up at the opens skies all around us with the endless universe. We can look up at the stars at night and all that there is from the Creator who created all the creations. Any one of us can look around the nature and the scenery, feel the air and the wind in all the elements of fire, rain and sunlight, that come along for us to understand that we are never alone in this extraordinary world. In retrospect we always have an inner being that was given to us with the breath that we breathe every single second of everyday blessed to our existence here in this life.

So dear Paula, the only thing that I can say for now on this blog, is to make sure that you continue keeping yourself in alignment with whom you are and where you need to be in a structural, happy place that makes you feel well in order to proceed on with your daily life. Also look out for his sensitive moments and start making sure you can assist in helping to guide him along your journey in finding those pleasant feelings and vibrations.

This is a life that you share together, stay open with each other and clear communication letting each other know how you are both doing as well as feeling. Then what the other person can do or maybe advise for the other person, is assisting them to find their inner being, to feel better about what all life's precious journeys have to offer in exploration. Making it more streamlined as you live together in the love you share with one another.

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  1. Very good advice! A lot of couples struggle because of lack of communication. When we are unable to speak about our needs in an unselfish way, it only puts weight on the relationship. When two people commit to each other they are accepting them as the second half to their life, not just a nice addition.