Sunday, May 22, 2016

Smile On The Rise..

Today we are exploring the conversation of momentum. Momentum is an unstoppable force that will constantly perpetuate anything that we have going on in our lives more forward. In this example its almost like trying to stop a car going 150 miles per hour versus trying to stop a car going 10 miles per hour, is the g force in between the momentum of how it is perpetuating. One of my friends had recently told me that, when she gets out of bed in the morning everything is either going to be a great day or bad, but for honesty it is all on the momentum that she is bringing with her in the beginning of that morning. We all have the ability to make everyday start out as we want it to be or we can make the course of that day come exactly how we did not envision it to be. Sometimes the matter at hand might be 80% out of our control, and one of the key's in containing that control only dwells within our inner environment.

Some people may have the ability to see & feel only sunshine and rainbows on the inside, when all the drama is taking place on the outside, on the other hand some people can only feel & see the storms and rain on the inside, when everything surrounding them is rainbows and sunshine on the outside.
Mostly I do believe that we as people have our perceptions, so what we want to feel on the inside displays itself on the outside of our lives an in actual reality, we need to reverse everything not only with the inside feelings of goodness and happiness but ease a way to display those feelings and positivity outside of our lives as well, in order to flourish more than ever before.

Prospering means to feel everything from the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life, rather than simply on the goods of material items. When people prosper from all of the forms above, everything material  and without hesitation, will manifest itself in that person's experience. These have always been the law's of the universal principles created by the Creator of all we have come to understand. So basically what it comes down to is that momentum is all of the bases of where we decide to push the energy that is always moving forward, any electricity harnessed cannot have electricity flowing through it from a lower standpoint in levels, the electricity has to start in on a higher standpoint, moving the power down to lower levels. This is the fact of how the energy travels to where it is directed.

In retrospect we should all be looking at starting at a higher level and letting our own energies in positivity &  happiness to everything that we can feel inside. Whether from the memories, fantasies or even a simple daydream or night dream come to fruition. In order to give us what exactly we may need to have a consistent basis of being in constant alignment with our own momentum consistently moving upward.. If we allow it to be so.

Some of these techniques you can try, is just breathing deeply as you wake, enjoying the quietness fresh in the morning if you can and taking a few moments just to be within constant peace of why you have a reason to wake up happy everyday exploring the new visions of life readily awaiting you. As they say "Rome was not built in one day", so relax upon yourself to not feel pressured whatsoever but to feel at ease with everything that you try to make yourself correlate. The journey is to feel the way you should, from the way we are meant to operate. It will not take over night because it took a lifetime in order for it to be as such, just do as best as you can and enjoy the flow of energy and be happy within whatever moments you draw forth.

 For now stay blessed and always you, this is your host & blogger 'Lex' from the Real Double Dose Channel and I hope to be talking with you very soon again! --> Real Double Dose Channel

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