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Friday, September 9, 2022

Success cycle

 Exercise You Enjoy


Did you notice I didn’t just say “exercise”? 

 Daily exercise is something we all know is good for us, but sometimes we struggle to get enough. For some people, starting a daily routine of exercise is a battle of wills with yourself. 

 One way to potentially get around that roadblock is to find some sort of exercise you enjoy. 

 This could be as simple as the walk mentioned above. For example, you could start to push yourself on distance or speed. 

 If walking doesn’t excite you (and fair enough) then maybe there is a sport you are into. I have friends who make sure they shoot some hoops each and every day. 

 The benefit of choosing a sport you enjoy is that you will also get better as your practice every day.

 If sports aren’t your thing, maybe you enjoy dancing. If you do, then embrace it! 

 The goal here is to find something you like so much, that it doesn’t feel like exercise or a chore. Once you find that, commit to doing it every day, or at least multiple times per week. 

 Once you are committed it won’t take long for the physical and mental benefits to start appearing.

 Kindness Matters 

This might seem like an odd title, but this routine is all about “giving back”. 

 An absolutely excellent routine to start in your life is doing a good deed for someone each day. It doesn’t have to be a huge deal. Just make sure you do something nice for someone you know (or don’t) each and every day. 

 Besides this just being a nice thing to do – there are actual benefits to it. Don’t expect these benefits, and don’t do nice things just so you can reap rewards, but let’s be honest – you are probably thinking, “how does this help me?” 

 Well, these good deeds will pay off in a few different ways:

  You will simply feel better because you made someone happy 

 You will foster and strengthen the relationships in your life 

 You might help the right person, who will end up helping you more than you can imagine in the future 

 It’s a good networking tool 

 There is actually no real downside to doing something nice each day. Even if you don’t reap any of the above benefits, you will still have done something nice for someone.

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