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Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Quiet Woe's Of The Lone..

“The only time we waste is the time we spend thinking we are." ― Mitch Albom

I want to begin with the subject of loneliness, how can we as people feel better without needing the compassion or companionship for the partnership another can bring to our lives..? How can we make ourselves feel better without needing someone there to fill in the loneliness that we somehow seem to experience on a daily basis in some way, shape or form..? It seems as though it's hard to be able to function sometimes in such a big world being all by yourself, even if it's a mental, spiritual, emotional or on a physical level . At times we need to see why we do feel so alone just knowing we are the creations of the Creator. 

Our one to be with us at all times, although we still feel the gap or void within us, either constantly changing or expanding seemingly beneath the surface. See I believe that the purpose of life is the find every purpose in every passion and for us to do all that we can or could ever dream up and of in this life to obtain it. Doe's a lover define us and our conquest to be more than what we are or does the future hold a certain position that we didn't know our journeys were held up at. What life has to offer us is constantly unfolding in the understanding that the missions that we are given here upon our birth, has come here on earth to be followed through with.

Real Double Dose Channel

 The 'Real Double Dose Channel' was created in the creation, to all those who have a conversation or thought of mind to be able to be expressed and answered in all the ways that it should be unraveled. I'm sure on this conversational journey we will have questions or comments that might make us feel uncomfortable or shake our core up or move us into a greater alignment of expansion of who we are as a whole on this earth. It amazes me to look up at the open skies, with the clouds and the sun, moon and stars given to us to create our own reality from our thoughts and our feelings, blended with our love , energy an hearts.


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  2. Life has a funny way of giving us that lonely feeling sometimes if not always. I can't wait to hear your RDDC channel too, thank you Lex!