Thursday, October 27, 2016

Worthiness Of Our Encounter's

Good day everyone, today's segment is going to be about the worthiness of the encounters we endeavor in this life and more.

In this circle of life it is going to be inevitable to not have to utilize another person that is in out spectrums.

Whether it is by our parents, friends or our journeys in life, there is going to come a time to where we have to use the situation or the people around us to further elevate greater aspects in the process of growth.

Although it is at those times when we have to find the worthiness in life itself, before we can ever truly appreciate the ripening within it instead of hoping that the encountering is to come firstly from any other.

Finding someone who is worth your time will never come, because the worthiness that comes in knowing that it is worth your worth its own self discovery of you.
In life we will come across those who will always take us or our kindness for granted once they feel that they have it within reach to further their own beneficial intent behind it.

But it is us who seemingly see right through that and understand that the amount of energy we are giving, should be given back to us in the amounts of what we are sufficient with.

When we doubt ourselves or the probability of things working out in relationships or life in general, we unconsciously doubt everything that has come into play for us to move forward with our daily perpetual motions in life to blossom ever more so.

Being a nice person, being in love, or being friendly does not mean we should take so much from ourselves that we are not willing to let anything else be relinquished back, it only means that we are opening ourselves up for more abundance to come in for the right ones that we allow onto our paths.

Listening to the inner being that dwells within us all, is the only straight answer that will ever be given to us and the reasons of life's understanding.

We all serve a purpose and no one can be greater than the self itself. When the people we are connected to are connected within themselves, we cannot accept self doubt or worries that come along with the correlation in other relationships we obtain.

It is for us to perpetuate forward and understand that the worthiness is always there to understand what comes with any abundance of life itself. If it is not a presence of a thriving in the goodness of emotions and feelings, than it is not where we are meant to stay idle in.

Momentum is the constant journey for us all to partake in.

This is your host & blogger "Lex' coming to you! We hope you stay tuning in..So stay blessed and only you.

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