Thursday, October 6, 2016

How To Release The Side Effects Of The Past..

Good day to everyone, today's segment is going to be on the topic of the side effects of our past paths.

When we look at the past that we once we're leading on in order to get to where we are now, we still hold on to the feelings and emotions or the circumstances that brought us to where we are at this very moment in time.

Rather it be from our past relationships, from past coworker's in our job situations or something in our past previous years.

It sometimes leaves us wondering how do things always seem to come up an surface from no matter where we are at within our future present.

Often we can build from a stronger standpoint once we realize it and see where we once were.
But it still holds the remembrance of all the pain or all of the difficult times we had to face, in order 
for us to get to where we are now which ultimately leaves side effects upon our lives.

No matter if it was a bad restaurant experience, a bad breakup between another person or even the wrong turn that led us to a wrong direction in our travels.

It still has a side effect to give us for the next chapters that we take in life, from the cautions that we have built up from the things that were mistakes we never may want to relive in our experience again.

Although the same side effects that we are cautioned about can sometimes give us less momentum to not push forward and take the chance to explore new opportunities within the next great ones that are waiting to come forth.

For it is true, that life is about the journey that we are taking not solely the basis of the destination.

Where we are leading to, it is for the side effects to not be the cause of why we do not perpetuate forward but to be the forward motion of acceleration as to why we are moving in our greatest heights of potential.

Because of these life lessons that were given, they were set there in order for us to create a brand new life out of the lessons we have learned through them all.

If we let every single obstacle that we have dealt with in life control all the happenings of our future, we will only be stuck in that time frame in that reality.

We need to understand that we have full control in surpassing any situation or any kind of difficult matter which will undoubtedly come to our paths.

If only we will let ourselves be free from where have started at from the moment in our creation.
We would not understand the good times if we did not have contrast for the bad times and vice versa for the bad times to the good times.

So these elemental things were set forth for us to have a guiding system into the lives that we may so desire more. We cannot let anything have a side effect upon our lives.

If only we use it for the positive aspects that comes along with those things that we label to a side effect, in order for us to perpetually move into every single dream, vision, goal or purpose to birth it into a physical fruition.

A side effect can only remain and stay a side effect upon or within our lives, if we give it the power to stay this way within our journeys and how we continue live.

Ultimately understanding that it is for us to become all that we can be and take it as a life lesson that has been learned in retrospect for us to grow and prosper forward with everything that has been in our earthly existence despite any odds that may surface.

It is only a side effect when we let it keep us back from where we are supposed to be and  allowing it to become the side effects of hindering our life's purposes.

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Thank you for tuning in..Stay blessed and only you!

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