Tuesday, September 20, 2016

More Insight On -Season's Of The Reason's Pt.2

Hello to you all, today on this segment we are going to be speaking of the seasons that come along with the reasons part 2.

We all know by now that being able to have lives that comes along with seasons, there will be elements that are placed in there for a particular reason but at the same time those reasons still come along with just the right season.

Just as spring, summer, fall and winter come around in its own journey to live through with harmonizations of the ever changing seasons.

Speaking from a personal reference, it is hard to see some of the people that come into our lives and things that come forth to only be there for a minimal season.

Until we realize the principles in the foundations of the reasons why they or those aspects were only meant to be there temporarily from within our existence.

During some very heavy and  rough times that I have dealt with in my past life experiences, there came a friend that had been there for me for so long in many different ways that they did not know they were actually helping me.

Although now things have changed from a border of deeper feelings that crossed the line of what we cannot take back from it.

Over the course of that time in our friendship that had crossed over into a more romantic level, I found out things that were not pleasing to me, that the other person would not let go of in order to move forward with our relationship that was already established.

These things were the type of situations that would only cause our relationship harm instead of happiness between us but it was the overly selfishness of this person that did not want anything to change in their perpetual motion to benefit the greater good and giving each other satisfaction but only for themselves.

If a person wants to focus on themselves, that is the best thing to do in order to give the same back to another they are involved with but if the other person only desires the other one to be involved with their focus of contentment only, that's where the alignment discords.

As well as on the circumstances and grounds for the way they stand, then that is when we see a different kind of overly selfishness taking place to become very detrimental for the other persons neglected feelings and thoughts.

I had to understand that it was not just the purpose of this person changing their deep selfishness to abide by my happiness, it was for me to abide by my own happiness and seemingly understand that some people only are for the season to serve a purpose of that reason.

The moral to this story is basically understanding that even though I was going through hardships and difficult emotional times, and that person was there unknowingly helping me.

Made me understand that maybe the purpose of where they came in for that reason had to pass on through the season and for me to move on to greater things beyond where this person wanted to stay, so I could reach a higher level from within myself.

As I reflect on it, I believe that the only reason I held on to the dream of this working out between that person and I, was because of the difficult times they had been there for.

But seeing it more clearly now, I understand that that reason served the season that was taking place,to continue moving my journey onward to new ones which are still coming up on the horizons.

We must not let anyone or anything define are level of happiness because of the times that the purposes were served through that person or through these situations.

Life is meant to move forward either with that person/situation or without, we will survive and we will only flourish in the abundance of who we are, which we will be and are becoming to discover more of.

If you are dealing with the same situation or have had this situation come to you, you can reflect on some of the things we have shared here today on the personal life experiences that we all take on this journey of life.

Sometimes it's a matter of letting go of the things that once were, to allow more things to come into our life existences and taking an understanding that the things which once were, have served there purposes.

So until next time, stay Blessed and only you! This is your host & blogger "Lex' and please stay tuned for more.


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