Friday, September 9, 2016

How To Not Neglect One's Self..

 Hello everyone, today is going to be a segment of neglecting the self, in how we can obtain more focus to ourselves, without feeling the guilt of any selfishness that should not come along or become attached with it.

In today's society and many conversations from all walks of life, self focusing can be labeled with many things such as selfishness and arrogance.

Simply based on giving to much of our time to ourselves. Although these are a necessity in making this time available for the defining principles to focus ourselves into better alignment, so we can become in tuned for not only ourselves but others  included.

So many of us dedicate our time and our energy to so many other things and other people in life or circumstances.

When we fall short to give ourselves that same nurturing in time development, we cannot learn the deeper aspects of who we truly are or what we desire if everyone else is receiving more than what we have to give from within, if we would've taken that time for our inner personal growth.

It is not the right aligning mind frame to tell someone that we think that they should be spending more time with us or doing something else, when we have not taken time for ourselves or we're not allowing them to expand freely within exploring who they are in taking the time for themselves.

The only way to know how far we have come from within is by measurement of the self growth inside of ourselves. Because if we measure by the guidelines that others set for us, we will  never be to the measurements of where we have came to be and are journeying to.

It is for us to journey within those time lines of giving ourselves that full amount of love, happiness in freedom within that quiet personal space so that we may be able to share it later with those who come into our circles of life.

Finding time for ourselves does not necessarily mean being in a place of perfect silence, it can also have the meaning of being in a place with noise or distractions and yet still finding the presence of silence and peace from within.

In this life that we live today, everything seems to be constantly finding a way to get the attention of our minds and our time.

Ultimately it is up to us to have and keep full control of where it goes and how it is flowed, to flourish and excel the energies we were given upon the birth of our creation from the Creator himself.

If we can quiet our minds from the outside illusion of realities for mere moments or minutes, that we may be available to tap into the abilities of the inner self that is giving us the signals of the things in which we need to hear.

The greater purpose of doing so is to reach a broader perspective in order to grow further. Once these intervals of allowed time is established purposely, we will explore and unfold a whole new beginning to the life and to the desires that are waiting to be obtained in this vast spectrum.

This life will never be long enough for us to forget the opportunity in getting to know who we are on this earthly experience.

It is great to have the knowing of many people and learn from their walks of life and there paths, but the greatest purpose of us is connecting with our inner being that has been given to us from within, to understand the principles of who we are from the depths inside in order to explore all things outside of ourselves to an entire different level.

Not knowing ourselves refines that we cannot know another and not getting to know ourselves also means another never is truly getting to actually know who we are.

The greatest aspects in all things that come to life is being within the richness of ourselves and feeding the spirit, which is continually thriving in everything of what we can ever hope to understand, explore and be.

What we ask of life will be given to us in equal measurements no matter if it is a positive stipulation or a negative one.

We have to remember to nourish ourselves with the proper treatment to give the best of what we can in order to get the best out of all that we are connected to.

This is your host & blogger "Lex,  please stay tuned and thank you for reading and listening.. Stay blessed and only you!

Real Double Dose Channel.

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