Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Our Inner Peace..That Flows.

 Hello to you all, today's segment is going to be about finding the peace that is the within, when the world or our surroundings gives all the troubles that seem to be set in persistent motions.

Speaking from a personal experience lately, I had a crashing computer issue that led me to four days of not being able to do my work and the trouble came so suddenly upon me.

Although to panic was one of my first natural instincts, maintaining focus on what I have learned and disciplined myself to understand aligned me into accepting what was happening to evaluate how all things come into play once again.

It began to give me a sense of peace to understand that all things work out for the better to aligning paths and nothing comes by coincidence of what we are about to endure on our life's journey.

That is where Faith really comes in to be shown, to push through the bad times and know that there is a greater unfolding waiting for us and not only to see the great times as the window to everything working out fine but to understand that everything has its own harmony and balance to it, which drives our momentum pressing forward and keeps our desires flourishing.

In order for us to be grateful and understanding what good things are, we have the distinguished factors between what negative or bad things may be to be given the defining contrast that comes between us and our life's purposes, to the things that we do want and the essences of what we do not want.

There is a "Ying & Yang" to all life's mysteries and balance  that we will come to see as our journeys keep going forward in this life. In no way should we stop perpetuating the momentum that we have going because of the obstacles or tough times that will possibly come into play as we experience life.

These things are also going to be the unraveling blessings in our journeys for better things to come our way. Without contrast we would not be able to distinguish the greater times with the not so great of times.

It is for this purpose that we are given a certain balance that is placed in life and we have to persevere through it in order to see the greatest monuments we can ever develop with our deepest thoughts and the roots within our emotions.

Encountering the misfortune let me know that even if I did not see the reasoning behind why my computer system failed to work or why was I going to feel like I was lost for moment, the event let me know that my steps were still on course to having all the things seemingly work through for me.

Because the Universe is always on our side as the Creator has promised to us. If the Creator of all things, of all life, wisdom, unfailing Love, Hope, Understanding and of all knowledge is for us, then there can be nothing that is against us! 

Even from within ourselves in the deepest core we have to understand that life is what we make it to be and what we desire to create in what we control within our own realities. Each day is the molding clay of the worlds in which we are given that control from within our very essences.

If a child who is born in poverty or a person who has never had the greatest things that we take mostly often for granted in this life, can find their inner concepts of peace or the harmony in balance from whatever standpoints they desire to live amidst in their inner environments themselves.

Of certainty with this, the different walks of life we live have the abilities to discover and create the same amounts of happiness in abundance from any uncanny situations that come upon us with circumstances that arise on our paths, but only when we allow the journey to reveal itself it can come to be well understood, if we just let the flow of it's natural process keep moving forward.

This has been a wonderful conversation with you all!

So please stay blessed and only you, this your host & blogger "Lex, make sure to stay tuned for more and feel free to leave a comment about any of the segments!

Real Double Dose Channel.

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