Friday, August 26, 2016

Our Inner Imagination Theaters..

"I now enter the theater of my mind and look up on the stage of my imagination and I can see myself as I wish to be". Rev.Ike-

Good day to you all, this segment is going to be on the power of our creative imagination and the things that manifest from within them.

It is quite the amazing element that is given to us upon our arrival here in this earth life experience, to be able to have our creative imaginations and visualize the things in which we see, feel and desire to be part of these things in becoming full fruitions.

When we close our eyes or if we drift off to a place with our  eyes open, we can design the entire realities of where we see or place ourselves to be in through all aspects.

It is the most positive aspects that we can be in because we know within our imaginative states, we have full control from every element of our lives in what we are creating.

Life can be just as beautiful and mesmerizing from the things that unfold everyday, rather out of our control or within our control.

Although, when we visualize and we feel the emotions behind where we are going or the things that we desire the most, it becomes our creative realities  being brought into light for as long as we let it come forth.

If we remember to let our creative imaginations take full control of the moments we are in, with openness, love and our deepest desires.

If we learn to accept it without crushing them or not allowing them to sustain more momentum to perpetuate the vast abundances, that will come into our physical realms as we understand that this is the way things are in order to become into being.

 At times in our lives it can be difficult to find a place of peace or a time to visualize clearly without the distractions in everyday life.

But even if we take a few minutes to give ourselves this time for our creative imagination processes, we can seemingly give these things it's allowances in order to be birthed into our life journeys and experiences as we live for every today and each tomorrow.

Every moment that we are in is the future, when we go into the years that come we are still in the future at that present moment in time. We never see the future because every moment we are living in our  future.

So when we visualize and use our creative mindsets we are able to harnesses this creativity given to us by the Creator and the Source of all things.

Acknowledging the powers that are working within us, through the powers that have been given unto us to make whatever we desire, wish, dream, visualize, and create come into a more streamline forward motion beyond the hopes that we embrace within us.

So the next time we do get those few moments to ourselves or find those moments to dream, it is the time to visualize and be creative as much as we can in pure possibilities that disallow the contradiction in our thoughts which arise.

We have to know that whatever we see, feel and have constant Faith within, is going to come into our life's as soon as we realize it to be.

This is your host & blogger "Lex, stay blessed and only you.. Thank you for listening, reading and tuning in!

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