Monday, July 4, 2016

The Motivations Of Procrastinations..

Hello to everyone, this segment is about the "What Ifs and the Buts" that we hold up on going farther than ourselves to see what lies ahead.

Some of the greatest obstacles that we face in this life are the words that we choose to use as barriers and blockage points to the things that are of the unknowns we encounter.

We have all used in these words somehow as for, what if this does not work, what if this happens, but I can't, but I don't know how. All these things have been apart of our vocabularies from the beginning of time it seems, when we unknowingly or unwillingly try to alter exactly what is possible on knowledge and the Faith of it.

Almost everything that we experience has been given to us by paradigms, which is a multitude of habits that have been passed down into generation after generation.

But ultimately once we realize what these paradigms are, we have the power to make it into what ever we want them to be, instead of letting these paradigms control us and our thought patterns within life.

These thought patterns in paradigms were given to us unconsciously through what has been experienced in life from previous passing generations, but it also has the ability to change the future depending on what those paradigms are.

So thinking of this, again, we have to ask ourselves, why are there so many what ifs and so many but's that we use to make excuses for the things that we know deep down inside are more than possible..?

Some of it comes from the fear of failure's or the fear of beginning something that we are believing will work, and then all of a sudden we may come to a stumbling block of sorts.

If we look at the things that aren't working from what we desire now, there is no greater tragedy than to not take that chance in seeing if it will blossom into something greater beyond our expectations.

It takes more energy into ridding ourselves of things that are told to us that we cannot do, then it takes for the energy to do the things that we can do.

Words have a powerful message inside and behind them, because words don't teach, the messages within them do, how we intertwine them into our lives are the greatest factors that can come from any of it's power.

What we can do is start saying more about I can, and I will. More of the words that drive more than positivity into our lives but determination and perseverance in absolute Faith on the things we desire to fulfill.

More powerful words of faithfulness, willingness happiness and perseverance. That can help us purify ourselves of the negative impact of everything we've been exposed to and born in, that comes along with every day society and our conversation as a whole consciousness.

It is for us to grab the seeds and plant the seeds of which we so desire within our knowledge of this life. To make sure we let it grow just like the powers of the universe and the Creator of all things understand, of how these things are to be and will become.

We have to move ahead with things with persistence and understand that everything will unfold to it's manifestations with the Faith, hope, love and perseverance behind them.

Letting the excuse within the things holding us back in ourselves, to clear the excuses that keeps us bounded from the limitless boundaries and possibilities awaiting us all.

Having negatives or contrast does not mean that it is always against our wants, because when we know what we do want, we understand things of what we don't want.

It helps us move forward in the things that we do have to sort through in the contrast, it is especially a gift given to us.

As well as we need to stand strong for all things that we believe, because we are the only ones who know apart from Source, where are vision lies and where we can be!

 This is your host & blogger "Lex' coming to you with all the double doses from the hearts of all in who we are.
Stay tuned, stay blessed and only you!

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  1. You have such an interesting blog. Thanks for sharing. I'm a life coach blogger. Reading blogs is my hobby and I randomly found your blog. I enjoyed reading your posts. All the best for your future blogging endeavors. Please keep in touch with me in Twitter, @lifecoachbloger and Google+, +sridharchandrasekaran

    1. Thank you so much, Stay blessed! :)

  2. I couldn't have said this better my self. And for those who do it, I'd like to share what I tell my daughter......take the word "Impossible" and turn it into "I'm possible". When I realized this years and years ago, there was no limit to what I could achieve. :)

    1. Thank you so much and you can d all things you put your heart, soul and thoughts into! Stay blessed :)