Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Condition's Of Love..

Good day everyone, today's segment will be about the conditions of love, on what the meaning of love is when we share those feelings or say the words to those in our lives and the people that surround us.

Fortunately and unfortunately this profound impact of the word Love, comes with a very heavy weight and a very heavy price at times when it is used with certain situations, stipulations  and relationships with that someone or other people.

It may be coming to the point to where a person see's you as the main benefactor of that word and releases themselves to be more freer to the conditions that they choose to place upon those emotions and thought forms embodying it.

When we discover what comes with Love in the greatest book ever given to us as the Bible is, we look at the numerous descriptions that it represents.

Being patient, kind, nurturing, encouraging, unfailing, never boastful, and not hurtful. Although Love is limitless, ourselves and others in life may have conditions attached to it at times.

The people that we deal with and the emotional intelligence intertwined, can be used as a factor of what a person can get, what a person may expect, or for personal use in retrospect of being bonded with expectations and stipulations.

The feeling of this connection that we have when it comes to the word Love, is in itself only a word until we understand the full meaning of what it means.

In order to give someone Love or give unto ourselves of what it comes with, we will not succeed in embracing it's fullness and beautiful ambiance.

Because Love is unconditional through in & out's, through ups and downs to any and all things in life. The entirety of Love, will forever and always prevail.

So many of us have became victims of being told the word Love but none of us have really reached deep inside of ourselves  to become the advocate of what the word Love embodies fully and it's meaning.

Therefore we would not be having the difficulties we do when we hear it everyday as it passes on to the next person or persons of what Love really means.

Ultimately we can embrace it after the understanding is obtained or we can choose to be against it from the lack of understanding.

The word Love in itself has came with the most happiest times for us and the most down falling times for us, when it comes to the word itself.

It is only the word that hurts us because the true meaning that lies within that word would never ever make us feel any emotions of below, make us feel down or bring us anywhere but up, to where we belong.

We need to understand these things in order to embrace all that we can and amidst who we are to get alignment with the goodness that lives within our inner being.

The inner being that is always spoken of and heard only from within the Source of all creation that connects us to all things. That great profound power of the fullness and lavishness of Love, is all that we need to tap into feel every necessary feeling of goodness, and wholesomeness which belongs to each one of us.
Not one of us should abuse the power of the word Love, nor should we go head and speak it without understanding the full meaning of what it represents to another person or to ourselves.

It is something that we must use to not let others take advantage of its beneficial elements placed within certain things in our society. Its the hearts that we carry for us to understand that when we have a grasping point of knowing what form of what Love truly means, then we will be sure to protect it in all its strengths and glory of how it was given to us to begin with.

Love is flawless, we can only strive after perfection but we will never be perfection in itself. All we can do is hope for every today and understand that this is the road that we are taking to the path in which we are, to live, and to be.

Learning more about the understanding of what Love is within ourselves, we understand how to give it to another and not have conditions based upon how we are feeling or what we are getting from that. 

To say it in itself does not give us what it is meant to be, but to feel every emotion behind it within all of who we are and to those that we Love.

Loving our potential and desires that we want to create is exactly what unconditional Love can represent. Holding no conditional levels upon it, there are no stipulations, no expectations to come with it because Love is profound and Love is exactly what it needs to be, for what it was and is created to be.

Some things in life are easier said then done, although when it comes to this profound Love it is going to be done and easily said.

Once we understand what is intricately done unto us and those around this pure alignment, we understand the words that come with that, unfolding the strengths of our Source, never be placed down to anyone or anything, but rather lifted up. In return we all will receive the happiness that we all deserve!

This is your host & blogger"Lex' coming to all your hearts and souls. Stay blessed and only you and we will be back with you soon!


  1. I believe there are three types of love. One that is on grounds of physical attraction and self pleasure. One that is on grounds of a mutual connection or bond. And finally, one that is a choice. Agape is the purest form of love. It is unconditional. It doesn't work out of taking but only giving. When you truly love someone, you are choosing to love them and when love is a choice, it is purely from the heart.

    1. Yes indeed Love is the purest and given without limitations! Thank you..