Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Having Thanks To Being More Thankful..

Good day everyone, today's segment is going to be on the matter of thankfulness and where we are in relation to it.

Being thankful for all the things that we have right now and all the things that our lives has brought us to, is the founding factors of everything we need to move forward and perpetuate forward to our greatest heights.

If we take a journey in life or travels and during the journey we are not feeling happy and appreciating where we are during that journey, than we cannot expect to be happy once we reach our destination.

It is on the way that we find the thankfulness, appreciation and understanding of where the route is taking us on this journey of life, with discovering the understandings in why we decided to take this journey to begin with.

It may be difficult at times to feel happiness from where we stand in our life in what we see going on. Although until we have reached the appreciation of the value of still being alive for another day, then we can understand what the future may hold for us because the future is right now in every moment.

Giving thanks to everything and appreciation within our right now's, will only further us on to what we can come to expect for our tomorrow's.

Somewhere in the world someone is living with a crazier and much harder life than we could ever begin to imagine. We are living our own experiences and the other person is living theirs.

Being appreciative to what we have, what we are doing work for within ourselves and circumstances today, means that we have a farther purpose to explore in this life in happiness, thankfulness and appreciation to all that is seemingly coming into the Creators alignment when it embodies and surrounds the very things that we desire to pursue further on within our paths.

If a person only grows up in poverty and that's all they know, they still can be appreciative of enjoying their life experiences.

Just as well as a person who has grown up wealthy can still be just as grateful and appreciative of living that experience. Appreciation, thankfulness comes together in all forms, to all walks of life but it is up to us to experience what happiness and appreciation come with.

Happiness is a creation from within ourselves and appreciation is the acknowledgement of those beautiful elements in harmony. Thankfulness is to combine it's graciousness in where we are and what we can only hope to be. So please let us take the time to embrace every single blessing to be grateful for.

Thank you for this brief and beautiful segment, this is your host and blogger, "Lex coming to you again with a slice of everyday life!

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