Friday, July 15, 2016

Self Catfishing...What..?!

Good day everyone, today's segment will be about the Catfish methods in our lives.

Recently I've been hearing more about this Catfish TV show where people have been going around, pretending to be others who they are not. Until they're real identities are discovered by the one's that they're trying to reel in, in some way, shape or form.

Strangely enough we as people do things that we cannot understand and may never. What it comes down to are the principles of how we can see the catfish methods that we seemingly place within our own lives, willingly or unknowingly.

Many of us out here in life parade around as this person that we want others to see us as, hiding behind a mask to camouflage who we are deep inside, or refrain ourselves from the disappointments that in not doing and being the things that we should.

But ultimately it also comes to the face of where we need to avail who we really are to ourselves in the whole knowing of trying to be that someone else, in which we never tried to truly be.

Visualizing, dreaming and feeling the emotions of who we want to become and the things we so desire are not the issue to be pointed to. Although pretending to be someone to ourselves or doing so for others, is not beneficial when it comes down to  doing the work that comes with making these things come into full fruition.

We shouldn't catfish ourselves into seeing and being someone else, if we are not ready to take those necessary steps and deeper inner developments in incorporating these aspects to be all in that which we seek.

We all have the abilities to become anything and everything that we want to be, so there really is no need to pretend to be someone else that we're not, yet, though we all are capable of having a greater window of blessings and opportunity just from being who we are.

No matter if we are satisfied with ourselves, if we are happy within ourselves, we have to know that truthfulness starts from deep inside of us. We may be able to fake it till we make it for the next few rounds in this life but we have to live our own life experiences.

These experiences continue  unfolding on a moment to daily basis and we need to allow everything in its elements to come into our life's alignment with joy, peace, hope, love and happiness

At the beginning and ending of everyday, we can catfish ourselves into thinking or seeing ourselves of who we want to be, but it comes down to the spirits connection, the connectivity and mental clarity in the ambiance of knowing that everything will work out for us through life's mysterious paths.

That is going to be the element and the system where we are cat fishing ourselves to where we want to see or what we want for others to see in us.

This journey must start from within, not just about the talk but about the feelings, believing, emotions and knowing of all the Faith that comes with it, that these things will come to pass.

The only way for us to become exactly who we portray ourselves to be inside of ourselves or whether outside to others, is to embrace it fully from within and better discover who we were to begin with. It is only then that we can portray what we have been showing as ourselves, to let others see exactly what we have found.

This is the true enlightenment to any and every destination one seeks to find an to believe in the laws of the principles of this extraordinary universe. As Jim Rohn' would tell us, -"Learn, Change, Grow & Become".

I have enjoyed the segment with you all, this is your host and blogger 'Lex and I will be coming back with more soon. Stay blessed and only you!

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  1. To be honest, I've not seen that show, Catfish TV, but I see this every day. And I used to do it also, until I realized I wasn't being true to the most important And as a mother to a daughter now, and she's getting into her teen years, this is something I try to keep her from doing. why waste years trying to please others, ome of whom may NEVER be happy? Wonderful post! :)

    1. Being true to yourself is the key to every door! Thank you for sharing 'Ann A. :)

    2. This is an interesting take. I have heard of and know what Catfishing is but I never thought of it being done to one's self. It would make sense not to do this though. I know a lot of people that pretend to be someone else for so long, they end up forgetting who they are and that has to be scary! Never lost track of who you are!

    3. Catfishing is something many of people are dealing with on a daily basis, rather unknowingly or very willingly. Thanks again Britanica! :)