Friday, July 29, 2016

Pushing Through Our Fears & Doubts..

Good day everyone, I want to start off with us to just be in this segment of perseverance within ourselves and all that we can hope to ever be and as well as obtain.

What gives the right for us to hear the word No and accept it, what gives us the right to deny everything that we are supposed to be an those things that are coming to us as we have Faith in them to believe..? 

We need to go ahead and make sure in whatever seeds we are consistently planting, that we nurture them to flourish like beautiful flowers in the gardens in life to reap the biggest harvest that can ever come our ways.

Given this life in our spiritual beings, that is placed within the physical flesh we are given. Only the possibilities of endless were gifted to us all.

Never we have been given the possibilities of limitations,  except for the ones that we set upon ourselves or the ones that we have set from others view points.

It is up to us to become all that we can be and never limit ourselves to the word No, I can't or the what if's, only hear the word Yes, I Can, and Will be.

It is said that when we stop dreaming or having restrictions upon our own visions, that a grand part of us dissipates and even dies within who we are.

Ultimately it is up to our beliefs systems in place that we hold to make every spectacular journey of our thoughts, emotions and our desires which yearn to come into fruition, no matter what obstacles may be facing us or what hesitations of limitations that surfaces amidst the paths of constant growth.

We must learn to tell ourselves that we have it all, we must learn to give ourselves all that we tell ourselves in the purest levels of abundance.

We must be able to give the love inside of ourselves to ourselves in order to relieve it to others, we have to strive to become better than who we are in order to excel to where we are going.

This is the journey of all in paths to enlightenment, which is to explore the inner self and the inner beings complete love that comes with the birth we are given on this experience of being alive.

We never know how far we can go if we do not try, we never know how high we can fly if we do not reach for the highest point up in the clouds. There are only the limitations that we give the permissions to.

When we don't set limitations within us, nothing can ever stop or hinder our paths or our journeys to explore all that has come to be and is awaiting to be unveiled.

This is your host & blogger "Lex, thank you for tuning in and we will be back soon with more.
Stay blessed and only you!

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  1. Well written and very inspiring once again. I think most people, including myself, struggle with fears. It is something we all must go through but not something we have to accept. I am working on myself but a lot of it has to do with trust. I have to trust that God is helping me and allow him to do just that.

  2. Thanks so much Britanica, and you're absolutely right..God will always lead us if we allow his unfailing Love to take it flawless course :)