Thursday, June 2, 2016

Pushed To The Pressure's

We're back again today and the segment is going to be about the pressure of pressures in our lives and things around us that we are expected to do or be. It is so fundamental how are society and the beliefs that we have grew up on always tell us what we should be doing, the wrong if what we are doing or what we should be  for someone else or better yet for ourselves.

They may come from respected authorities or our parents, our friends, coworkers and family to have a better written down script for our lives then we are hopeful to think of. As though the implement of the way's we express or think are somewhat in the wrong for doing so, and may ultimately leave us feeling a sense of guilts if we do not meet those measurements of their visions within us.

From our email support one of our reader's/listeners asked this wonderful question, from Michael W. He wanted to know how to move onwards with his dreams and expectations for a stronger future, when he has to sustain a family and his children's futures. Letting his visions subside of what he should do with his own life and aspirations.

Firstly I want to say thank you to you Michael and assist you to discover the answer your question is inquiring about. We all do live in the future right now, every hour, and every moment. So you have the right as we all do to aspire to be all that you can be within the time given to you in this life, we also understand that you have to sustain your family's needs but this does not mean that you have to bury your dreams in order to make the sustainability more favorable for everyone in your circle.

The ingredients to any great recipe is to be comfortable with the elements that you have, in order to make it work for you. The only thing that is going to work for you without feeling pressured into everyone's visions, is if everything cooperates on your time scale measurements of how they work for you in your life, in order for your accomplishments with the inner and outer you harmonizing together so that you can inspire others to incorporate them into their lives as well.

Through time we have learned that when we try to be something for someone else, it always fails us in the longer journey somehow. Because that is not our truer selves and in time we have also learned that being & becoming all that we are, all that we can ever hope to be and more, is the greatest successor's in this lifetime of what we constantly are developing an gaining.
So Michael, take the time that you need and let those around you know what your objective is for the desires of your heart. Also listen to what they have to say about their own desires and make those steps towards having a better, brighter future.

Sharing these golden dreams, that you have flowing in your vibrational energy that can align with your loved ones, but when no words are given , if you do not tell someone what you are looking to have with those prosperous dreams, it's going to have a hard time blossoming out of the ground.
In life we all have our seasons and in life there's always a reason for everything that comes and a due season as well. So with every breath you may all take, passionately move forward with the grand opportunities that are here today and let us place our Faith and Hope's for every tomorrow that comes to be displayed in our lives.

Please remember that no one can live your life but you and even though we are connected in the stream to all living things, we still have to live for ourselves today and if that is to make someone else's life better tomorrow.. Then we must go ahead with the dreams that we were given only and fulfill it's hopeful promises. 

Be more than you are for yourself, only then everyone you are connected with will benefit from your personal discoveries and allow the Creator's perfect abundance to surround you in all of your deepest desires.
What makes any travel or journey so exciting, is for the fact of what will happen on that journey to the destination we have desires for. These are the elements of exposing all of life's greatest gifts and goodnesses.

This is 'Lex, and for more detailed discussions on any topics please let us know by email support. Feel free to leave a comment and thanks for tuning in with the Real Double Dose Channel! Stay blessed and only you..until next time.

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