Thursday, June 30, 2016

Dating...With Or Without Children?

It is time for the "RDDC' segment! Hello everyone, today we have a special request from one of our readers who's name is Caren" from Boise Idaho', that asked about dating someone who has children and pursuing a relationship with them and where should they stand between it.

I'm delighted that the question was brought up, because it is also on the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of people out here in the world that enter into relationships like this if not millions.

Entering such a sensitive conversation for people, it is also brought up to all those who either have children, those who do not have children, or those who have children with another person who has children blending into a relationship like this, is going to bring up some kind of feelings in some way, shape or form.

If someone knows that they're entering a relationship with someone who has children, they must understand the drawing lines between that relationship before any further time is brought between them.

It does not simply mean if that person doesn't talk to the children directly or create a bond with them that you are avoiding their feelings from being hurt in the relationship.

It comes to the point of that whom is getting involved with rather a serious one or not, you are still getting into an involvement with the parent that has both sides in everything that is around their structure of life. Entering this unique relationship with this person also embodies what comes with them and yourself.

If you are getting involved with someone who has children, that person has their emotions invested into what is being built between that relationship.

So understanding that the children are going to be affected in some way or another just feeding from those emotions of the parent sharing them unknowingly. Rather it be the happiness felt, even sadness or anger, it is all combined together because we are all connected together, either way a person is getting involved with the children no matter how one may be seeing it happening.

Everything in life has a ripple effect that comes within it to the Source of all things. Possibly it's going to be a creation of things or the manifestations on how we live out our paths.

Just because the person has children or a child, does not mean that one's love cannot expand to involve those children that comes with that person and just because the person might not have any children or child when entering the relationship, does that mean that they are only abundant to what emotions they may be feeling or in tuned with.

It is the responsibility of both people to understand that the children are involved no matter how far or deep the relationship may be or get. But it is also the understanding that the relationship can go further beyond anyone's mentality to comprehend once everything is set in to motion. This does not mean that the relationship will fail because there are children and it does not mean that the relationship will fail because there are not any children in the other persons life yet.

In this universe there can be no such thing as a coincidence because all things happen for a reason. This person might add enough movement and specialty's to your life, and at the same time your children's lives as well.

The other person may add enhancements to their children's lives because of the newness of that union, whereas the other person who does not have any children may possibly learn more from this relationship and learn a new perspective of loving little ones in this world.

Or simply it might seemingly cause them into wanting to create a family with that someone or in life one day, but ultimately both people involved can be learning more about life's fullness in general with the children there and just themselves.

We must let the right ones come into our lives that we feel may be a nurturing relationship for the children that we have with us and we must also understand the nurturing relationship with that ourselves when we enter a relationship with someone who has no children.

If we are bringing in children into a relationship with children, we need to understand that it is going to be in a lasting impression and surrounded by energies and emotions of a lifetime.

So making and giving the most respect and love into it, will only bring forth the best out of it and it has the abilities to continue a wonderful journey where both sides are perpetuating in happiness.

When we are looking to find something, something is already looking to find us and once we encounter the greatness that we have been in search of which is seemingly given to us by the Creators complete abundance, we need to embody it for its full embracement and understand that resisting can only make things worse.

We need to also understand that the emotions we share are always connected to each other throughout this journey of life, so we must bring those who enter our paths up, and never let the harmony in our alignment bring anyone or ourselves down.

A person will know who is brought forth in their lives and a person will know what steps that have to be taken next, it is all about the feelings that we connect to in the vibrations given to us from the universal principles being distributed every second we thrive in. So enjoy the journey, explore the endless possibilities and only move forward to the greatness that awaits us all.

Just because we do have these relationships we enter into doesn't necessarily reflect that we have to neglect our own needs, wants and desires for ourselves and from another. Nor vise versa in their lives or children's lives.

The children are innocent in any given situations of the adults unions and connectivity of their first encounters. So evaluation of the relationship at hand will define the understanding between them and the beginning stages, and the relationships that stand within the father's and mother's of the children  that are getting involved with should be discussed also.

Thank you for tuning in to this segment and I hope this helps you in any way you can apply its messages to your life.

Please contact our support for any inquiries, this is your host and blogger "Lex' and we will be speaking again soon, stay blessed and only you!

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