Friday, June 3, 2016

Changing In Life's Lanes..

Welcome everyone, today we are going to have the topic on a discussion of changing lanes in our life. When we hear of change, sometimes it can be a very positive aspect or negative ones, but ultimately it's more of a word labeled in fears. Change is walking into the unknowns in more of life, that we have not ever begun to explore and things that we do not know the outcomes of.

Changes are habitual in our lives no matter how we choose to look at it through our looking glass. We cannot alter anything that is going to take its course either from our momentum, from desires, or from the feelings we have that are always constantly evolving in the change.
Not only does this change effect to shake up our deepest fears at times and bring waves of excitement.. 

Change also has the effects of making those around us carry more fear into not only who we will become, but from what we have been to them in their lives.
It is not to say that are friends and family do not desire more for us or love us, it's the unfolding of what this change comes into play with. Making those around us stir in reflections and views on what this change may cause upon their own lives. Such as what things they may need to evolve in a different way, for them to prosper on unknown paths from the changes happening in your journey.

People are invested in who you are, not who you are trying to become. They are invested in you staying the same way for them to not feel pressed into change. Most people don't fear change in itself, they are reluctant
to place change within themselves.
For an example, a past relationship that a good friend of mine had where she carried on with her lover, he expected for her to change everything about what she did not like that he was doing. He was not willing to take in any kind of change for himself to make things work in the energy he brought forth on what he was doing to aid in the results of how their alignment with each flowed into harmony.
Of course there are many types of changes that can be made, rather it may be something minor such as what coffee tastes better or more such as a relationship. It could be someone who has a disagreement on different viewpoints or it can also be changing your life into extraordinary circumstances if and when we are willing to take the next steps.

Ultimately we should never pursue on trying to change  another to make ourselves feel more comfortable, because in the long run that is the life they must live to any outcomes of what they predict for their destination of changes. 

We should also look inside of ourselves to see what kind of changes need to be nurtured within our essences, in order to connect our spiritual calling from our inner beings to receiving the right people into our lives and become aligned to the better things coming to us, from that change blooming from non resistance.

If we look at changes like a never ending stream of possibilities, opportunities and exploration, we will accept it more frequently and easily into our lives. As though we are going to go out for ice cream and there are 77 delicious flavors  being presented to us, readily awaiting our next choices.. That will give us endless perspectives on our journeys in this life.

The method is to accept it as it comes and to not force the flow in which it does come. We need to be all open to the possibilities of life's harmonious relationships with all things.

Possibilities, miracles, desires and dreams all have some vividness in the changing process regardless of what we may call it. We just need to decide if we want the energy focused from this change for greatness, or for dissatisfaction, because it will always come in however we choose to measure it.

So thank you for listening and reading another segment of the 'Real Double Dose Channel'. This is your host/blogger 'Lex and I look forward to being with you soon. Stay blessed and only you!..Until next time.


  1. At the end of the day, no matter if we see it or accept it, things will always change and be changing. It is far easier to accept it then fight it. I still feel people fear change but in the sense that they don't want to risk the bad things. If you have love and trust, there is no reason change on any level should scare you.

  2. Acceptance is the keys to moving forward, Thanks Britanica!