Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Accepting & Allowing Forgiveness..

Hello everyone, today's segment is going to be on the discussion of forgiveness and the art of allowing forgiveness for ourselves to be able to receive it from another.

From the ancients, now and on to our future, healing is coming from the forgiveness mechanism everyone desires for deeply within that which comes from the foundations of who we are.

Healing in forgiveness comes from a place of the profound love that is found within ourselves. It can be a little hard at times to understand why forgiveness is even needed within ourselves or for another, we cannot start any journey without letting go of what has been in order to get to where we are now and where our path is leading to.

In life we have all encountered some kind of hurt, pains or regret from mistakes that has come about throughout this life. But as we go further into who we are, we understand that these experiences has made us into the person that we have come to be today and it is also the fact of who soon will become from everything that we hope to aspire to be in this journey of life.

No matter if it is our likes or dislikes, the contrast between being able to love and see forgiveness is also the dividing lines of what pain and happiness comes from as well. When we go ahead and find these things within our looking glass, we also begin a realization that maybe these things had to come to our life experiences in order for us to move forwar
d in a much clearer direction.

There are a lot of people that have came to me and spoke about some of the pains & hurt they were or are having in their lives from the people that were closest to them and around them. I have also been given that pain in my life from individuals that I don't seek to have any forgiveness for from what I may feel they deserve in return because of that hurt.

Although as I contemplated on it, I began to realize that the more I do not offer that forgiveness from deep within my heart, it would only keep me bounded in the exact feelings I needed to be free of and also where I did not want to be.

Love is the absolute healing for anything and everyone and forgiveness comes right along with this too. Because in order to forgive ourselves of any transgressions, we have to be able to allow that same forgiveness with another.

We do not have to become a best friend to them of the hurt which was given or the pain. It is good for us to be able to accept what has happened to us and to be able in moving forward in our lives, letting that person explore the journeys that they have lived out now and a journey that we are going towards for greater understanding and alignment from within.

It is easier to hate someone than to give love to someone, it is easier to find faults in others or things rather than finding a purpose of why we can be content in that moment, it is easier to find something we dislike rather than something we like and enjoy.

In some many ways it takes a bit of persuasion and effort to be a in a feeling place of good and the greatness we all were created to be in. It is easy to be in hate and unmerciful when the heaviness of unforgiven times we've endured rises inside of the hearts we have. What we can do is find exactly what confines us to holding onto this experience and how to develop it and utilize these moments to perpetuate forward from the knowledge that has derived from it. We need to give ourselves that comforting love and happiness whole heartedly, with that forgiveness of freedom to be better than who and what we are today.

This is not to be said that we have to do this in the blink of an eye, but rather subtle daily ones. Not necessarily overnight changes but gradual slow evolving changes in which ever ways makes us most comfortable into the process. The waves that will occur in our self healing journeys are meant to help our expansion broaden and being able to receive the healing for our self growth as well as the forgiveness for another or from another.

It may not be forgotten but we have the absolute power for it to be forgiven, in order to relinquish the strife placed upon us and to give ourselves exactly all the greatness we deserve in this life. It is for us to move forward without holding on to anything that is not willing to let us go, we must allow it to release from our lives and continue our wonderful journeys.

When you have a chance, check out the blog and find any articles that can help keep your mind at ease and make you feel more clearer within yourself in order to feel that love and relief to find that forgiveness, rather it be to yourself or to another.

As "Les Brown' quotes from the old African proverb, "- If there is no enemy from within, then nothing can do is harm."-

This is your host & blogger "Lex' and I will be talking to you all soon, thank you.. stay blessed and only you!


  1. People always say they don't forgive others because they don't deserve it. We are not suppose to forgive people based on whether they deserve it or not, but we are to forgive because we respect and love ourselves enough to. When you forgive someone, you release love and you are able to grow. When you don't, you have no room for growth and end up trapped.