Friday, May 20, 2016

The Dose of Doubles..

"We all have a melody that yearns to be heard..So let us play out our hearts   song."  -A. Lex

To be one's self you have to know one's self, to know one's self you have to realize the things that come forth in it. One of the main reasons for this podcast / blogs / genuine conversion of thoughts and conversations, is to expand the mind further than we know it can expand within the journey within ourselves, to truly know ourselves, and to feel ourselves making such a thing come to fruition. So what are one of the things that we have to make come to life..? What are the things that we want to shine our light on in our lives, so we can as people become better with people, knowing ourselves and giving more from ourselves and at the same time and in return, giving to ourselves..? 

 Real Double Dose Channel!

In these segments as we go through the weeks and in the journey into past, sometimes we can also find ourselves being able to open up another Journey on exploring life's possibilities within the depths of our minds that we never knew was there awaiting us. The 'Real Double Dose Channel' is exactly where everyone's hearts and souls can thrive and be exactly who you want to be, who you were meant to be and everything that you are. So when you tune into go here, either if you're listen to the podcast there or if you're reading this blog,  just remember that you are never alone and all you have is the World open in the palm of your hands... just waiting for you to take advantage of it!


  1. I can relate to this, thank you!

    1. I'm very Happy you can dear, all the best to you!

    2. I'm very Happy you can dear, all the best to you!