Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ask And Be Given..?

"I now enter the theater of my mind and look up on the stage of my imagination and I can see myself as I wish to be". Rev.Ike-

 Today we are covering ask, believe and receive from anything, everything and anywhere with the "Law Of Attraction", to both our belief systems to the things of our thoughts and what we think to come into fruition. Sometimes with repetitive affirmations of the prosperity feelings/thoughts/words that we use in order to convince us of the reality that we are deserving of all good things. These are the profound principles of what the Creator has designed and given to all who truly seek to obtain what is already granted access for us to enjoy, utilize and grow within. The universal system works flawlessly because from Source, God, Creator and the Great Spirit , all things work for the greatness of every purpose.. No matter what or which name you may label the Infinite One. If we desire such blessings in our lives, we must accept it as if we are living those desires without doubt smothering it's growth. To keep going off of those words and believe those words and feel those words and act as if we have those things already.
What we put out from our energy is exactly what comes back to us, these are the universal laws and cannot be changed whether we give out negative energy or good. We will effortlessly receive negative if we give it out in negativity and good energy we will receive in the goodness we offer from our vibrational outputs.
The same principle stands for "Let go and let God", it is the releasing of our own restrictions upon ourselves and the resistance that we take within ourselves of letting it go and letting the law of the Creator as well as the universal laws flow endlessly, that will never be broken and it will take care of all problems and all of our solutions, with whatever energy that is fed into it's magnificent streams of pure abundance.

We all have the tendencies to ask for such things and then we constantly doubt it and we constantly have a system to where we believe that these things aren't going to come to fruition, even though we are asking for them. What we need to do is plant the seed of acceptance and appreciation of the things we do have, and do our best to maintain 'FAITH' to what we ask for and it shall come into our beliefs manifestation once we accept this. Everything we can ever hope for and dream of already exists, more realer than we could ever fathom it to be.
Another great example is how our bodies work. We do not pump the blood through our system, we do not keep our hearts pumping every minute of the day. How our lungs breathe in it's life, we do not make our bodies function consistently as we live. 

These vital elements just are as they were structured to work and be. 

That is the Infinite source of how we all came into creation from the Creator, from how are eyes blink, how our hair & nails grow, from how are lips and tongue move. These are the elements of how the principles of the law are set in place and is given to us as humans to apply them daily, the same words that the Son of God spoke thousands of years ago even until today. In those great teachings we are taught to always remember that we have 'Gods' Love and His power, because we are not only His children but also spiritual beings.

So let us never forget who we are, never forgetting about our limitless powers to be able to become all that 'God' has planned for us to be, we just need to let it in as easily as we breathe.

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