Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Few Inner Sights..

Everything written and everything said, rather it be the "Real Double Dose Channels" podcast or this blog,

has its own "Disclaimer" and an underlining factors. I or we assume No responsibility for human thinking intelligence, to understand that these are just concepts, life experiences, and conversations with open minded view points on the things that come to us in everyday life. Although, you are encouraged to apply any relevant discussions to your life for better clarity or enhancements that can help give you deeper insights. With what fit's into your life, may not obviously fit for another persons life. Any message one may absorb can be taken the right or wrong way, depending on a person's personal judgments and the message they choose to take from it. Thanks Again "RDDC"!

Real Double Dose Channel


  1. Wonderful insights!

  2. Glad I can bring some light on this! Stay tuned :)